Glowing Gloves | AR Boxing for Your iPhone

Credit: Bublar Games

Get ready to punch on-the-go with a new ARKit application for iOS. Glowing Gloves follows in the “real boxing” vein of VR apps like Thrill of the Fight and Virtual Boxing League, but in the palm of your hands. Limber up those thumbs and develop a solid boxing stance. You will need to dodge and be quick on your feet while using your thumbs to slide and throw punches at your opponent.

Momentum will be key in taking down other fighters, who can play over local connections in a low ping environment. Glowing Gloves promises the thrill that comes with shadow boxing with friends, without the risk of taking a hit on your own. Read on for a rundown of the game, alongside some thoughts on fitness potential and what’s next for the team.

How it Works

Glowing Gloves utilizes the iPhone’s ARKit to read and track your opponent’s movements, so you should sign up for the beta to experience the movement system firsthand. ARKit is extremely accurate, and it allows Bublar Games to superimpose the boxing ring in your real-world space. The camera just behind their boxer’s shoulders, players will need to duck, dive and twist to avoid punches, while searching for opportunities to counter punch.

Punches are thrown by swiping, and from footage of a beta test, it appears that moving in the real world affects the power of a punch in the game. Your phone’s cameras enhance the tracking. Try and keep it steady as you move for best results, but you will need to adjust the angle as you duck or feint.

Matches are fast-paced, so those who look for the best opportunities might get overpowered by raw punchers. The good news is that no one will get a pay-to-win advantage. Players will be able to buy cosmetics but nothing to power up their character. With the game’s triple-A aesthetic, we expect a lot of flashy costumes and cool scars or tattoos to make characters stand out.

Fitness Potential

We like the idea of using ARKit to get players moving faster than walking apps like Pokemon Go. It’s fun to clock steps on Go, but Glowing Gloves is a new take on AR fitness that could up your heart rate too. Footage of the game in action shows players moving and dancing in the real world to avoid getting hit.

We wonder if local gyms would adopt a game like this and if that might help develop small communities of players. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine for-fun leaderboards with prizes or for bragging rights. Local scenes aren’t necessary for the game’s success, as it will feature robust multiplayer game modes, but the concept is cool to think about.  

Boxing is heavy on cardio, core, and endurance, and this simulation is rather light on all three of those. You don’t need to be an excellent boxer to be successful in Glowing Gloves, but the app promises to test your fitness at higher difficulties. There’s real potential to improve agility if done right.

Overall, Glowing Gloves has the makings of a fun and interesting AR fitness app. A casual experience for fitness nerds, and a fun introduction to the world of VR and AR fitness for those on the fence.

Final Thoughts

Glowing Gloves has no planned release date, but the developers have started a subreddit for players to post thoughts. There, they feature some fun videos like sound recording sessions at a real boxing gym and other behind-the-scenes content.

For those who have gotten into the beta, share your experiences and challenge each other in the comments or on our Facebook page!