The Google Daydream Review You Need to Read

Is Google Daydream really that special? Find out here!

So the new Google Daydream has come out and I have some thoughts on the technology but most of them are negative. This is primarily because I don’t see a huge difference between the Daydream and the Cardboard beyond their physical design along with the proprietary software approach. The Daydream seems to be a shot towards a VR Monopoly by Google, as they have been accused of trying to do with other services in other countries in the past and have been found guilty of. This isn’t to say that Google isn’t trying to provide us with a good quality product, it is just noting that Google has tried to make the Monopoly move in the past and for them to make a specific type of software that’s only compatible with specific smartphones looks like a really good play at creating a monopoly on the VR industry of mobile VR.

What is Google Daydream?

Google Daydream is a specific platform that Google has created for their higher-end purchasers to enjoy VR in several different applications along with video games specifically targeted towards the mobile VR industry. Now, although the games have not been released, the applications that have been displayed on the mobile VR software have been more of an attempt to provide a gimmick towards their current services such as YouTube VR. YouTube VR is YouTube videos inside of the VR world, which means you’re using a screen to watch another screen because it’s not like we can do that on our normal screen.

What are the good things about Google Daydream?

Perhaps the only thing that’s good about the Google Daydream is the fact that the VR headset that comes with Google Daydream is not entirely made out of plastic and rubber this time. Instead, you have a mostly cloth based headset that’s held together by an elastic strap and you barely notice that there’s any plastic in the device itself. This makes wearing the device extremely comfortable for those of us who stand still.

What does the Google Daydream mean for Fitness?

As for fitness, the Google Daydream is actually a benefit for those of us who run outside. Even though the Google Daydream looks like it is a playground for a monopoly in this type of industry, no one can deny the benefit that having a cloth headset would give to those who need to use it on the run. The cloth-like material would be able to keep the sweat out of the area of the eyes which means that an individual would be able to exercise harder. In addition to this, having a VR headset that is attached to a VR Market in a standalone device would undoubtedly mean that many fitness apps would be created for this standalone machine.

Even if Google Daydream isn’t a machine that is trying to go for a monopoly in the industry, it is a much-needed improvement over the current headsets that we utilize today. Not everything about this device is bad, just most of it and it’s simply too early to invest in it until it provides a more viable reason for doing so.


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