Playing and exercising in VR with single player games boosts our self-confidence and makes us feel like superheroes. But diving into multiplayer VR games and player versus player (PvP) games push us to work with other players as a team, improves communication skills, and also gives us a dose of healthy competition.

Working as a unit towards completing an objective, scoring a goal, blocking the other team, or battling it out against another player will give your brain a surge of oxytocin (among other feel-good brain chemicals) and will keep you on track for fitness too!

Tip: If you want to find a team or players to play with you in a game, search for their Discord channel or Reddit profile first and then join their communities. There are lots of people looking for people to play VR with on those platforms.

Here are some PvP and multiplayer VR games that are going to help you stay fit.

PvP and Multiplayer VR Games

Make sure you’ve got your mic and fitness tracker on, and are ready to get some of your best times and scores. Playing in PvP and multiplayer is going to propel you into action like you’ve never been pushed before.

Music and Rhythm Games

If you’re looking for a platform boxing game where you can also challenge up to 6 friends and online players to see who can get the highest combo multiplier and calorie burn in one session, BOX VR is it. The game has ever-changing trainer curated workouts that hit the arms and chest, and even target the core, quads, and glutes. Some really fit folks sweat by wearing weighted vests and the like for additional strength training while jabbing and uppercutting beat orbs.

Beat Saber is one of the top VR rhythm games on Steam and is amazing for upper and lower body activity. The upper body gets the brunt of the action by slicing perfectly timed beat cubes, while the legs and glutes get maximized with side lunges to get to the cubes and squats to avoid obstacles. Beat Saber makes this list because the modding community has created a multiplayer mod.

Arm Pumping Cardio

Credit to: Survios

Sprint Vector is a favorite here at VRFI because of its fluid locomotion movement system. Swinging both arms to move in the game is not only a great cardio workout, both arms are used to collect power boost packs and are used as weapons to knock players off course. This game can be played in single or with up to 8 players and just celebrated the game’s first ever speed running tournament for Mr. E’s Master League.

Arena and Platform Style PvP Games

Credit: One Hamsa

As a futuristic racquetball game, Racket: NX, is a decent workout that will push your serving skills and test your reflexes and awareness of angles. Try to hit as many polygonal tiles as you can in succession to rack up points against your competitor. Keep the core engaged during overhanded and underhanded throws by using your legs to strengthen your stance.

This game is referred to as virtual dodgeball for PvP. Sparc takes place on a platform in an arena where two players face off in a battle of who can deflect or hit the other player’s orb first and who can use upper body strength to hit their orb into the other players score counter. Players lunge and even jump to get to and away from the other player’s orbs and to block them from getting points.

Credit to: Hyperbook Studio

Hyper Arena VR makes the list for multiplayer and PvP because it has so much potential as a fitness game but isn’t released just yet. Once it hits headsets, players throw discs to score on the opposing player and to gain powerups and weapons like blasters and disc launchers. The studio behind HAVR is working on creating tournament modes for up to 60 players, which looks like they’re prepping for a future in esports.

Archery Games

Credit to: Window Licker Games

oVRshot is a 3v3 archery game where players capture a point or defend it, while teammates protect each other from being put back into respawn. Players pick their class of archer, special abilities, and take the role of defense, assault, or scout. Hiding and firing arrows from behind pillars, boxes, and around multi-floor maps makes it a great arm and leg game.

QuiVr is a 4 person co-op and a single player game that uses teamwork against hordes of enemies and larger bosses. Both are great for keeping coordination sharp with archery and the full body active with real-time movement. Work together as a unit to make it to the next gate or area.

Credit to: Kung Fu Robots LLC

Arrowborn is an archery game that can fit up to 10 players at a time in PvP battles. There are 12 different ability arrows that can be used in combat. Play Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and Top Shot for different play styles. We recommend FFA and TDM gameplay options for a full body workout that’s also competitive.

Elven Assassin is a PvP, co-op, and 2 to 4 multiplayer archery game that will have you slaying orcs with your trusty arrow and quiver from up high or from behind structures. Play arcade mode and deathmatch to see who can pick off the most orcs or try to aim and outshoot each other with distance shots for the highly skilled or at a closer distance for a sneak attack.

Zombie and FPS Games

Credit to: Monochrome, Inc

Both The Risen Dead and Contagion VR: Outbreak are action charged FPS, single player, co-op and team-based zombie games. Use as many weapons, including melee, in The Risen Dead to fight your way through packs of zombies or an intense arm and leg workout. Or, play Contagion VR: Outbreak and play in a PvP game against your friends online for a shot at becoming the last person standing.

Space Junkies is a currently unreleased 2v2 and 1v1 FPS game, without the carnage of a shooter game that’s AAA quality. User laser guns to take control over maps in zero gravity and propel yourself to get higher than your competitor. Being at high points or zipping around maps doesn’t mean you can’t be shot at. This game has a lot of quick turns and body maneuvering that’s great for the legs and core, while the shooting involves the arms, which puts this game on our list.

Credit to: Ready at Dawn

The hugely popular arena and FPS game, Echo Arena, has seen tournament time with VR League’s second season. It’s also helped players lose weight and become more active. The zero gravity game can fit up to 15 players with games of 5v5 (5 players become spectators). Work as a team, defend your goal, boost to get around, blast shots at and score goals with discs on the opposing team. Fans of the extreme frisbee game can expect its other multiplayer game, Echo Combat, to be released in the future.

Boxing and Fighting Game

Credit to: L&L Studio

This game isn’t even released yet and it’s stirring up buzz around its expected Quarter 3 early release. What’s been coined as a virtual fight club, Virtual Fighting Championship, pits real-life players against each other for rank online. Fighters not only use their punch power and knowledge of jabs, uppercuts, rolls, hooks, and combos to stun and knock back their opponent, they also use special abilities to their advantage. This game will be getting a single player, co-op, and practice modes at a later date.