Happy Hulk Smash with Super Pixel Smash

You always wanted a good excuse to play a game like this, didn't you? How about losing weight and getting a great cardio blast?

If you’re looking for a game that will push you, the Super Pixel Smash is it. To be honest, I can only think of a few other games that will push you this hard. However, what is Super Pixel Smash and how does it push you? Here’s everything you need to know to get started today!

What is Super Pixel Smash?

If you’ve ever played Breakout or Arkanoid, then this game will feel rather familiar to you because this game incorporates some of the features found in those games. The game is very simple, you press start and there’s only one mode. You’ve got a default timer of two minutes and you’re playing against the clock. Don’t hit the red skulls and pay attention to the colored bar at the end of the goals screen because that determines how fast the ball is. All you have to do is knock a certain amount of pads down and you will move on to the next set of pads, continuing ball speed and timer.

Graphics and Visuals 4/5

The graphics really aren’t that impressive if you were to compare it with every other game on the VR market, but since this game is an arcade style of game that wouldn’t be fair. The graphics for this game are like Holoball, neon with a bit of flash to it.

Hardware Requirements 4/5

The hardware needs for this game are low, but this is not really a surprise with this type of game. You will need an Intel i5 processor with 2 GB RAM on an NVIDIA 970 graphics card with 600 MB of space on Windows 7 or newer. Anything better than this can you will just be getting a smoother gameplay with optionally better graphics.

Fitness 4/5

I love games like this when it comes to fitness because you decide how much fitness you will get from this. If you’re a bad player, you will barely get any fitness. If you’re a good player with great reflexes, be prepared to take breaks in between playing sessions as this game will definitely push you. Each successful hit adds a little bit of time and the more successful you are, the faster your ball will be. This game get very intense very quickly.

Gameplay 4/5

The overall gameplay is very smooth, especially when you compare it to other games you can play that are like this. Unlike Holoball, you don’t need mods with this to improve how fast the ball will go because it does this for what seems like infinity. You don’t need to keep an eye on where your paddle is most of the time, which is really nice and sometimes hard to find in this type of game. I am disappointed that there are no additional game modes, but at the same time it makes up for it by having those types of game modes inside of the game itself. There’s multi-ball and all room hitting, which can definitely become hazardous if you have a hard time focusing on just the one ball with the one goal. For the average price of $7.99, this game is definitely worth the price tag for it.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Even though the game doesn’t have many features, we’re focused on fitness here and fitness is all about pushing yourself further when you find yourself doing well at your current level. This game embodies that sentiment to the fullest and will push anyone to do better after a small build up of success. This has to be one of my favorite games when it comes to fitness.