Health Game Changer: VR MRIs

Virtual reality is becoming quite the useful technology beyond the realm of video games. Virtual reality will soon be used for everything from taking a virtual college campus tour to viewing MRIs with perfect clarity. That's right, VR is poised to be a game-changer for medical professionals, medical students and patients.

vr mri

Virtual reality has made it possible to view and manipulate MRIs, CT scans and other medical scans in a virtual environment. This technological achievement will prove invaluable to medical professionals as well as medical students who are learning about the idiosyncrasies of the human body. Virtual reality medical scans allow for an improved understanding of the body, a comprehensive analysis of physical ailments, more precise surgeries and so much more. The possibilities of virtual reality medical scans are seemingly endless. This article delves into the technology’s breakthrough as well as its potential uses.

Virtual Reality MRIs

It is now possible to view MRIs as well as CT scans and other medical scans in virtual reality. Medical professionals can import scans and view them as three-dimensional models in VR. These images can be scaled and rotated as one desires. It is even possible to add notes to medical scans in VR. One can alter the scan’s colors as well as the virtual environment to boot. Viewing and manipulating medical scans in virtual reality could prove to be the future of interactive test results.

The Body VR’s Anatomy VR Viewer

Based in New York City, The Body VR is a virtual reality company that has built quite the incredible anatomy VR viewing technology. The company’s immersive creation allows for a detailed tour of the human body. The Body VR allows for MRIs, CT scans and other medical scans to be viewed with exquisite clarity. This technology will prove quite helpful for practicing doctors as well as medical students.

Those who are training to become doctors will obtain considerable educational utility out of this VR app. It teaches medical students about the fundamentals of the human body ranging from the types of cells in blood, organ functionality and beyond. In fact, The Body VR is currently establishing partnerships with universities throughout the United States and abroad to developed informative lessons about all different aspects of the human body. This technology will ameliorate the process of medical education for physicians, surgeons, radiologists and medical students of all varieties. The Body VR will likely feature a curriculum that encompasses the full human body within the next three years.

Why VR Medical Scans are so Important

The beauty of medical scans in VR is that it they are interactive, entertaining and informative all at the same time. Some even refer to virtual reality MRIs and CT scans as “edutainment” as they combine the best aspects of education and entertainment into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Virtual reality medical scans empower doctors and medical students to explore all different aspects of the human body in-depth. The ability to view the human body in VR allows radiologists to rapidly view and analyze the nuances of each anatomical system. These subtleties can then be compared to conventional MRI and CT scans.

Furthermore, it is easier to gain a thorough understanding of body ailments when viewed in an immersive, three-dimensional virtual reality environment. It won’t be long until surgeons can perform virtual surgeries from afar without actually being physically present in the actual operating room. These medical professionals will be empowered to visualize the proper method of actions for drugs within a virtual reality setting. They will also be able to better understand the symptoms, processes and other nuances of new drugs to boot. One can only imagine how this amazing new technology will evolve as time progresses.