OhShape — previously known as OnShape — is one of the most unique VR fitness games available now. Its hole-in-the-wall gameplay forces you to use your whole body in order to succeed, and the game is about to get even better with its latest update.

Get in shape and look silly doing it

The basic premise in OhShape is simple and remains unchanged: Make your body into the shape of the hole in an approaching wall. Do this correctly, and you will make your way through and continue playing. As you rapidly change shapes, you’ll occasionally have to completely dodge obstacles, as well. Regardless of your fitness level, it will get your heart beating quickly in no time.

However, OhShape is getting several more additional features and changes on November 14. In the next update, the game will add a No Fail mode, which is the perfect way for less-experienced and younger players to enjoy the game. It will come alongside a Small Room Mode that can let you adjust your area with new positions to avoid hitting objects in the environment.

Also new in the update are Precision Levels, which will let you change how strict the walls are based on your body shape, as well as speed settings. If you wanted to play the game in the Viveport ecosystem, that is also now available. The game will also be part of Viveport Infinity, so subscribers can enjoy it at no extra charge, and a new scoring system has been implemented

OhShape is technically still in the early access stage, with a full release expected to arrive in the first half of 2020. More features will continue to be added in subsequent updates, so stay tuned for even more news.

OhShape is available now for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.