Credit to: Holodia

If you get bored easily by new workouts and go through them like you’re changing your clothes, you’ll find that trying out a VR workout won’t be just another feather in your cap. Be prepared, Holodia’s Holofit virtual reality exercise experience might actually make you commit.

VR Makes It Easy

In the VR Fitness Insider article “Interview: Holodia’s COO On VR Fitness in 2017 and Beyond”, Michael De Medeiros and Chief Operating Officer of Holodia Bojana Knezevic spoke about the ease and benefits of using Holofit as an innovative and boredom-free workout and what the company’s future in VR fitness is up to next.

“Ease of use was our goal from the start. Anyone can simply put on a headset and start working out. No additional assistance is needed.” Knezevic proudly stated. Giving everyone and anyone who’s capable of sitting or standing in a machine the ability to strap on a headset and immediately get started. There’s no downtime, explanation, or walk through from gym staff, so you can immediately start your journey to burning away fat and stress while gaining lean muscle from an attention holding workout.

Beginner Friendly

Holofit is a great solution for returning exercisers or people looking into exercising for the first time after being away for a while. They’ll benefit from getting a workout that can be started easily and is entertaining, unlike other intimidating workouts that take months to get the hang of things (we’re looking at you group dance aerobics). They won’t feel lost, unmotivated, or disconnected from the workout because it looks and feels like a game.

Credit to: Holodia

Motivate Gym Regulars

Then there are those exercise or gym regulars who have lost the passion or interest in their workout and need something refreshing or jarring to shake them up. They’ll find that Holofit cardio machines are going to make them work harder with options for in-game challenges, competition with other users, and virtual coaching to help push them to goals they didn’t know they could reach.

Trick Your Brain

The combination of Holofit workout machines and VR, Knezevic explained the experience as an experience that “…tricks your brain into forgetting the physical strain of workout and that it is addictive.” Meaning, that both experienced and new exercisers who want a machine exercise like that of rowing, biking, or elliptical trainer will get it, along with the perk of sensory motivation found in the Holofit VR system and gear.

Experience a Holoworld

Their VR equipment is so innovative that they have created their own Holoworlds for you to play, compete, and challenge yourself in while you exercise. These Holoworlds have virtual environments that will take you to from icy Antarctica to the tropical jungle, to an underwater ocean, all the way to space with Saturn’s rings, and into a futuristic city in the sky. Do some reps on the row boat you’re on to see what’s around the corner, or pedal to fly higher. Boredom and apathy will be an afterthought when you let yourself get carried away by the adventure you’re on.

Partnerships Lead to Innovation

Partnering up with the HTC Vive and Steam VR means a lot when it comes to virtual reality and exercise. With these two partners, Holofit’s platform will have more opportunities to create and offer exciting new games and exercises frequently. Steam VR is known to be a VR game hub that thrives on developers creating open source content. HTC Vive is a known supporter of this type of innovation, leading to more opportunities in the future for more breathtaking and challenging Holoworlds.

Credit to: Holodia

Customers Over Corporations

With over 10,000 users and counting, Holodia deserves an applause for putting their customers first. They don’t use sneaky marketing tactics or lies to make their product appear anything other than what it truly is — a genuinely exciting and results-focused workout experience.

Bojana Knezevic believes that Holodia’s motivation is the customer, stating that the company, “…wanted the consumers to love our product, and now they do.” They aren’t known for using the industry to get ahead of competitors, instead, they rely on honest user feedback to improve their equipment and innovate their products.The value of which they treat their customers is clear. Build an easy to use and quality product that people will enjoy, and they’ll support it.

The Future of Holodia and Holofit

Using augmented reality, or AR, is on their list of exercise related innovations. They want to bring the VR platform into the sunlight, creating an AR experience that lets you get exercise outside. This could also entail AR being incorporated with exercise apps to fitness coaching and beyond.

They are also leaving the door open to VR competition and game play. It may look like fitness meets esports, but that’s to find out at a later date. While we’re here, let’s take a moment to appreciate Holodia and Holofit for their contributions to the fitness world.