Holodia wants to show you another version of our world, one where the technology behind Blade Runner is reality. Offering four regions of dystopian wonderland to trek through, High World offers players the opportunity to relive the excitement of Blade Runner while getting fit.

Prepare for the unimaginable, and take a journey through an alternate future that demands our best. Plus, HOLOFIT has some new upgrades that should make the system easier for gyms to adapt. Read on for the changes, and to explore a new world of wonder.

High World and HOLOFIT

Holodia is all about addictive fitness. It gamifies the concepts behind cardio workouts and provides gym-goers with unique experiences that are constantly updated. The best uses of HOLOFIT utilize the networked features, which support up to six machines for “small group training mode”. The ability to compete and train together is both motivational and exciting.

Holodia also adds unique content on a fairly regular basis. High World is one of many experiences awaiting those willing to tackle the challenges.

HOLOFIT has also made some recent hardware improvements that make it compatible with bikes, rowing machines, ellipticals and steppers from major brands across the spectrum.

High World

HIgh World is a futuristic reimagining of our world built on the premise of Blade Runner. Once set up, your trek begins along the highways of this alternate future. Players will glide past great futuristic structures in the process of being built, with small robots diligently etching away at various components.

Cars hover overhead, glowing as they glide past. Hazards and effects built into the experience also add excitement, like a roller coaster. You’ll crash through gates and come startlingly close to the edge of tall ledges. More relaxing and immersive worlds offer a lighter experience. No real danger, but plenty of wonder as dream-like creatures float past your view.

High World also offers military installations concealing secrets. These heavily guarded areas offer the greatest challenges and the most interesting rewards as you discover more about what powers this world.

HOLOFIT Major Changes

Some big changes have come to the hardware behind HOLOFIT that will make the equipment a little easier for gym owners.

The application is now available on Vive and Vive Pro, as well as Samsung Odyssey (+), Oculus Rift, Lenovo Explorer, Acer Windows MR. Fewer hardware limitations thanks to wider headset availability mean that gyms now have a variety of price points for setup costs.

HOLOFIT is also now compatible with more major brands, including: Concept2, Body bike, Water Rower, Star trac, Matrix, Technogym, Life Fitness (and more under development).

The HOLOFIT experience is also now much lighter and easier with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. Any FTMS Bluetooth enabled fitness machine will now work with HOLOFIT without the need for cables!

Anyone with experience on wireless VR setups knows this is a big deal.

Holodia’s New Look

HOLOFIT’s website has also received a massive overhaul, and much of the information is useful to everyone. The detailed FAQ section helps paint a clear picture of what HOLOFIT is, and how gyms can benefit. The home page offers a lot of footage from the experience too.

Immersive fitness is a great concept, and plenty of people just want the experience of being in VR. We may discover games we love, but the foundation of VR is always exploration. HOLOFIT allows anyone to discover new and exciting worlds, and this content is available to any gym that has the system.

Have you had the opportunity to check out HOLOFIT at your local gym?