Since the launch of Holofit onto the Quest store in January, the developers at Holodia have been keeping busy. Last month Quest 2 owners saw a nice resolution bump to Holofit’s virtual worlds as antialiasing and a 90 Hz refresh rate were added to make the environments a lot sharper and more pleasing to travel through.

Now Holodia has launched its Spring into Fitness campaign. Until the end of March, new users can sign up for Holofit’s annual plan and secure a hefty 30% discount for the year. Instead of the usual €108 Euros annually, for the next two weeks, the cost is €75.60 Euros a saving of €32.40.

To access the discount simply follow this link

Existing members on a monthly membership can log into their MyHOLOFIT account, go to “Manage billing”, and upgrade to the yearly membership with the PROMO30 code. You can find the step by step instructions along with the screenshots here:

Finally, if you’re an existing member already on the yearly plan, simply contact Holodia via their website and they will let you purchase your next year’s membership at this special discount price, which will then automatically follow on when your existing membership runs out.

If you own a rowing machine, bike, or elliptical and would like to bring it into VR, then now is a great chance to take advantage of Holodia’s competitive pricing.

If you’re new to VR Fitness and aren’t familiar with Holofit you’ll see I’ve written extensively on them over the past year. Check out my Holofit review for an overview, and if you have either a rower, bike, or elliptical at home I’d highly recommend trying their free trial available on the Quest store now.

Note, you will need a Bluetooth cadence sensor to connect up your bike or elliptical to your Oculus Quest headset, check my bike setup and elliptical setup guides for more details.

Holodia themselves have provided an excellent video guide below;

For rowers you can setup following their guide below

March Update

In addition to the discount, March sees some nice updates to Holofit on Quest, including a new game world, multiplayer lobby chat, additional music tracks, and some bug fixes and general improvements. I’ve included the full update details taken directly from Holodia’s site below.

Courtesy of Holodia.

New HOLOWORLD: The Grand Sablon

You asked for longer, more endurance-focused, sporty environments, and we listened – welcome to the desert of Grand Sablon, our longest and most challenging environment so far!

Grand Sablon will test your endurance in the toughest of conditions while you explore the great desert and improve your fitness.

Although it is based on the longest foot race on Earth – a six-day, 251 km (156 mi) ultramarathon through Sahara desert, and is amazing to use for your elliptical or HOLOFIT Freestyle running, it is also a great challenge for rowers and bicyclists that want to test and improve their endurance.

In Version 1 of the Grand Sablon, you will have to go through almost 8 kilometers/5 miles of sand dunes, lush oasis, and surprising Egyptian Sphinx. Version 2 will double this length and is coming to you very soon.

Did you know? The Marathon des Sables was the brainchild of French concert promoter Patrick Bauer who in 1984 traversed the Sahara desert on foot and alone. He covered 350 km (214 mi) in 12 days without encountering a single oasis or desert community along the way.

Multiplayer Voice Chat

The first part of our Multiplayer rework is here: the lobby voice chat!

When you enter the Online Multiplayer lobby and while waiting for the race to start, you’ll now be able to talk to your competitors. This will enable you to discuss race length, environment selection, or anything else that is of interest. Please make sure you treat others the way you would want to be treated yourself!

The lobby is, for now, the only point where you can use this feature. Once the Oculus servers allow it, we will enable voice chat for the race end, so you can review your scores, cheer on each other and have fun with your achievements.

More multiplayer updates coming soon!

Lowered CardioGoals Arch Sensitivity

We’ve lowered the sensitivity of CardioGoals arches which may have given you problems. You’ve told us that, in some cases, the arches were “too sensitive”.

We’ve tested and agreed. Thank you for giving us your feedback on this, we appreciate the help!

Courtesy of Holodia.

Time Attack Sounds Lowered

As we plan our full Time Attack rework for the next quarter, we wanted to provide a quick fix that many of you asked for:

The proximity sounds have now been lowered so as not to interfere with your session.

We’d love feedback on this, try it out and let us know!

New Music

Another month brings around new songs!

We’ve added at least five new songs to each of the playlists. We hope that you enjoy it.

If you have preferences or genres you would like to hear, just let us know!

Various Bugs & Fixes

As always, there are various bugs and fixes in this update including the HUD selection jitter and the unlocking of Freestyle for the users who were impacted.

How to Update

On the following headsets, HOLOFIT should update automatically. And in case you have changed your update settings to manual updates, then simply head to your app library and the update will be waiting there.

  • Oculus Quest 1, 2
  • HTC Vive Focus
  • HOLOFIT on Android and iOS

That’d be all for this update of HOLOFIT. We are already working on the next version, and can’t wait to show you what we have prepared!

As usual, we look forward to receiving your feedback on this update! Feel free to reach out to us!

You can try Holofit for free on the Oculus Quest store.