Holopoint is an unparalleled lower body workout, but unlike some other VR fitness games, it isn’t necessarily one that everyone can jump into and be assured of the best workout their first time. Holopoint, being not only a game of fast reflexes and pumping muscles, but also a game of skill, coordination and accuracy, makes the learning curve a little steeper than some others. Here are some quick pointers to quickly ascend through the ranks and get one of the best lower body workouts that VR has to offer.

1. Shoot like a proper archer

Using proper form will help you hit more targets and give you a better overall workout to boot. Just after you’ve knocked an arrow on the string, pull back leading with your elbow raised high. You’ll want to keep pulling back until you feel like you’re getting a good stretch in your chest, not unlike when you stretch first thing in the morning. This will not only give you the greatest distance and straightest shot but will automatically bind your next arrow to your hand, saving you the additional movement of reaching over your shoulder for another one.

Doesn’t that feel better?
This girl plays Holopoint.

2. Always be planning your next move

Especially in the later stages, you will have multiple targets spawning around you at once and taking even a moment to locate the next one could spell the difference between making multiple shots in quick succession and getting hit from behind by an unanticipated hostile. As you continually scan the room for targets, you’ll develop an awareness of where your next shot should be aimed, and no time will be wasted getting your bearings straight.

3. Squat to dodge

What makes Holopoint an active game isn’t so much shooting arrows at the holograms, but more so in dodging the projectiles that get shot back at you. While it’s entirely possible to dodge these simply by leaning out of the path of the incoming bolts, it’s actually to your advantage to squat, both from a physical and a strategic standpoint. One of the best opportunities to scan the room like I already mentioned is when just after you’ve landed a shot and are in the dropped position of a full squat. It only takes a second to scan left and right and already be lining up your next shot as you ascend.

4. Shoot the easy targets first

Simply put, it can take more time to hit a smaller longer-distance target than it does one that is larger and closer. Not only that, but the closer a target is to you, the faster its bolts can hit you either after a hit or too long a miss, making the nearest targets an easier target and a greater hazard. Clear the area of the nearest targets first before attempting the furthest ones. When it comes to the holo-ninjas in the later waves, take them out first too. They are slow moving, but can easily creep up and swarm you before you know it.

5. Cubes behind posts are freebies

Occasionally you’ll get a cube spawning behind one of the posts in the dojo. They can be especially hard to hit because only a small section is visible, but not as hard as it is for them to hit you! When they do fire, the post will block their shot from ever reaching you. If you have other targets that are in range, it’s best to leave these for last or just ignore them altogether.

6. Don’t get tripped up

Holopoint has you turning, like a lot. If all your turns are in a single direction, your cable will quickly kink up and impair your mobility. The easiest solution is to alternate every clockwise turn with a counter-clockwise turn, and so forth. Other suggestions that will help can be found in our guide on cable management solutions.

That’s it! Heed these six pro-tips and get your best game of Holopoint yet! Have any suggestions of your own to add? Add yours in the comments below.