Credit to: Hyperbook Studio

Virtual reality esports is rapidly becoming a gaming genre that is more popular especially with the current season of VR League underway. We’re seeing more studios and publishers creating content for VR audiences that thrive on adrenaline and competition in gameplay or simply want more action and activity in their fitness regimen.

Well known for their game REGENESIS Arcade DELUXE, a sci-fi FPS game with robot spiders, Hyperbook Studio is demoing their full body, futuristic, PvP game called Hyper Arena VR (HAVR) at this year’s E3 Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Step Into The Arena

Two players step up to the platform facing each other and each gets hooked up with a Vive Tracker on a belt that sits at the waist and two trackers at the shoes. The players put on their Vive headsets and get taken to HAVR for a PvP battle that looks straight out of Tron visually while being an arena game that reminds me of Echo Arena without the flying, but more of a weapons-based version of Sparc.

Hyper Arena VR isn’t just a disc throwing game that feels like you’re playing extreme frisbee, it’s an FPS game that requires strategy, skill, and full body movement in room scale to play it. Players aim, throw and bounce their discs off walls, platform, and ceiling in a timed match. Competing players catch their disc and dodge away from incoming attacks by throwing back their own shield, blasters, grenades and other weapons and power-ups.

To win a match, players have to get a higher score by making more shots and getting direct hits on the other player. Hit the wall behind your opposing player after you bounce and hit other areas, get a wall combo. Hit points inside the Hyper Arena and get double combos, extreme combos and the like.

We’re pumped that this game is getting a League Class Online VR Multiplayer mode so it can really solidify itself with a base of players as a VR esport. Currently, it has a Spectator mode for outside viewing of games when Hyperbook adds streaming the game online with platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Hitbox. As a PvP game, HAVR will be getting a single player option that is said to pit solo players against reactive AI, with the game itself getting unlockable weapons and powerups like in PvP.

VR Fitness Potential

Playing Hyper Arena VR is extreme frisbee that’s set against another player in a back and forth competition. Competing against other players is sure to ignite your competitive side and keep you coming back for more esport workouts.

The play space you have in your room is how much space you’ll have to shuffle or lunge from side to side. So, if you’ve got a decent sized play space that can surge the steps your smartwatch is counting, boosts the range of leg movement, and lights up the caloric burn of the game overall.

HAVR is a beginner-friendly VR game that doubles as a LISS workout (low-impact steady state). The extreme disc game uses upper body movement for throws, launches, grenades, and powerups to score combo points on offense or for blocking and guarding on defense.

Hyper Arena VR is an Oculus, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality compatible game. Once it gets released onto Steam, players will start building up a player base that will hopefully launch it into esports. Whether you’re playing seriously for a workout or as an esports athlete, players can improve how they train with a weighted vest and outside activity like lifting weights and cardio like swimming or jogging.

Watch the trailer of Hyper Arena VR gameplay down below!

Where to Find Them

To find Hyper Arena VR you can visit their website, Facebook and YouTube pages. Check them out at E3 Booth #2263 in the South Hall for a demo. Follow the link for their Steam page.