Credit to: E McNeill

Want a VR weapon-based duel game that lets you feel the roar of an enormous crowd instead of just your enemy’s grunts? That is what developer E McNeill is hoping to deliver in Ironlights, an advanced and fluid melee combat game designed to feel as natural as possible.

En garde!

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Ironlights pits warriors against each other in an arena filled with screaming spectators. It’s in development for SteamVR, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest, and features a full single-player campaign as well as competitive mulitplayer. There are five fighting styles to choose from: Knight, Duelist, Monk, Ninja, and Crusader. Each makes use of different weapons that you must master in order to succeed.

Several mechanics were created in Ironlights to make it feel as satisfying and true-to-motion as possible. These include physics-based combat with momentum, and a “shattering” weapon feature so you only achieve one hit with each swing. The game also makes use of slow motion, a stamina gauge, and asymmetrical combat so that both players can’t attack at the same time.

Credit to: E McNeill

On the multiplayer side, the game will make use of lag-compensated networking. This means it will have smoother and less-frustrating competitive gameplay, and it is cross-platform supported. If you are on Quest and someone else is on Rift, you should still be able to play against each other. You can then create videos clips or GIFs of your fights, delivered to your email. It will be extremely easy to show just how much better you are than your friends.

If successful, Ironlights could be the perfect way to burn calories and battle it out against a skilled opponent. The game is expected to arrive around April, with a private beta coming in February. If you pledge $30 or more to the game, you’ll be granted access to the beta alongside a copy of the game when it launches. Those who pledge $200 or more will have their moves recorded and they’ll be included as an enemy in the game.