Is LeEco VR’s ExploreVR Good for VR Fitness?

A new day, a new player on the VR field! Is this HMD right for your VR fitness? Find our here!

LeEco VR

You might have never heard of LeEco VR. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you’re not a VR expert. In fact, they are a somewhat obscure company in the VR game. LeEco provides unique solutions usually in the tech field and currently they’re working on delivering an affordable Gear VR competitor, that is also comfortable mobile VR experience for everyone. Currently, the company has a bunch of different VR headsets on the market, but most noticeable is its affordable ExploreVR, which has a design seemingly copied from a futuristic Sci-Fi movie. With expectations of the headset to come well under the asking price of $99 for the Samsung Gear, ExploreVR does seem like a great option for those who just want to try out virtual reality as an experience. However, can it deliver a great immersion for VR Fitness?

Lack of Straps, Great Fit

One of the best things about ExploreVR is the fact it replaces the usual straps that VR headsets have with a whole plastic curve piece that goes over your head. While some might think that this makes the headset less stable, this is not the case. When worn, the ExploreVR feels unusually comfortable. What’s more, the back support the plastic curved piece does allow for some more intense movement. Nevertheless, due to the lack of side support, which is usually added by the straps, you’re not fully covered when you move your head sideways.

The Usual Suspects in Specs

When it comes to hardware and specifications, the ExploreVR is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, in that sense, the ExploreVR does take a lot of inspiration from the GearVR. On the side, you have a touch control and on the bottom you will find a USB-C port for charging. On the front is the place where your smartphone goes, and in a similar fashion to the GearVR, the LeEco headset has a reflective front. While the headset works with any smartphone of the size, the company did a demo using their own LeMax 2 Pro devices. Nevertheless, currently there isn’t much content for the platform, especially outside of the Chinese market.

Not Quite There Yet

It’s always nice to see some imagination in a new and upcoming market. The investments LeEco has made in delivering their VR headsets to the end consumer are great for the industry as a whole, as it does create some competition. However, the affordable ExploreVR is just not for everyone. What’s more, there are more than a dozen of Chinese companies that do extremely affordable plastic VR headsets, and while they are not the level of quality of the ExploreVR, they are still a better option for VR Fitness.

LeEco does state that there will be some aesthetic changes made to the headset before it reaches the US market, but the truth is that the headset does not deliver on the stability a VR fitness mobile headset needs. What’s more, the Google Daydream View is already on the market. Still, if you’d like to try out virtual reality with a headset in the style of the GearVR, but far more affordable, the ExploreVR might just be for you.