This Friday, Survios’ virtual reality arcade sprinter Sprint Vector will be hosting their Championship Intergalactica tournament in a one-day event around the world on January 19, 2018. Get your headband and wristbands on, and your arms warmed up and ready, Sprint Vector challengers!

Championship Intergalactica

On the heels of the Alienware VR Cup, held in Las Vegas during the week of CES, VR arcade centers across the U.S. and the world will be participating in Sprint Vector’s Championship Intergalactica. There are 19 arcades that will be hosting in the U.S., 11 in Canada, 1 in the UK, 2 in Finland, 3 in Peru, and 1 in Australia.

Sprint Vector

Sprinters will race around elemental and futuristic maps, pumping their arms in fluid locomotion to get ahead. Players will race against each other for the fastest Sprint Vector course completion time but will also be maneuvering around obstacles and strategizing their boosts to gain a lead.

Players will sprint up ramps, scale up walls, double pump their fists to be speed boosted, and gain special abilities like rockets to throw at challengers that are behind or ahead of them. They’ll also have cooldowns to think about, so it’s not all fun boosts and rockets, there’s timing and execution involved.

Thinking ahead is a huge part of Sprint Vector, competitors have to accurately steer themselves towards ramps, track splits, and away or up structures. Losing any momentum or falling off the map and returning back to the last checkpoint stacks on time and can really set a player at a disadvantage.

The Winners Loot

Players will race their Sprint Vector avatars for a chance to win a VR-ready Alienware 17 R4 gaming laptop and other awesome prizes. Intel and NVIDIA were past sponsors of the Alienware VR Cup, so there will likely be stellar bonus prizes that are VR, gaming, and computer related.

How To Sign Up

There’s still time to sign up for Sprint Vector’s Championship Intergalactica on their site, just scroll down and fill out the form, however, you must be 18 to enter the competition. You’ll even get a cool sticker and limited edition rally towel when you show up to the tournament.


See the game as it’s happening! Credit to: Survios

There’s no word on how much room is available at each arcade for audience viewing. You will want to contact the competition locations ahead of time. What we do know is, that sitting in a Sprint Vector audience is exciting because we heard the hyped up crowd come through the Alienware VR Cup live stream. If you are a Sprint Vector challenger or are attending please tag Survios and Sprint Vector and link to their Twitter @Survios.

The Sprint Vector Beta

Credit to: Survios

Sprint Vector is holding their closed beta from January 18th to the 28th and will launch for both Vive and Oculus headsets. It will feature new maps and upgrade from 2 players to 8 player races! Sign up for the Sprint Vector beta to be a part of the road to full release in VR.

Survios Arcade Stations

If you can’t make it to Sprint Vector’s Championship Intergalactica or sign up for their beta, that’s a bummer. The good news is, Survios will be opening up virtual reality gaming stations in Torrance, California at the Del Amo Mall for a location-based experience where visitors can try out VR for the first time or compete against each other for fun. The Daily Breeze reports that the virtual reality arcade stations will open in 2018.

Are you going to compete in Sprint Vector’s Championship Intergalactica on January 19th? How’s the beta? Will you visit the Survios game station in Torrance? Let us know all about it in the comments section.