A peek at the new Outer Vegas map! Credit to: Survios

We just got word from Survios that Sprint Vector will be getting a new map today called Outer Vegas! This new single and multiplayer map is just one part of Intel and Survios’ Space Race DLC (Downloadable Content), with a second update added to it in May!

Sign on today at 12 pm Pacific Time and step into Mr. Entertainment’s newest cosmic game show map: Outer Vegas. The map is hosted at a luxury space resort and sits between two black holes which seems like the perfect place for us Vectorheads to race — among the stars!

Accelerate and activate your rocket boost to launch onto platforms, gather and shoot power-ups, and scout out new pathways and hidden shortcuts. Players that have been building up their arm and core muscles since it’s full release in February are getting a refreshing treat or torture in the form of mystifying and erratic gravity warps.

Players that already have Sprint Vector will get both parts of the Outer Vegas DLC for free (one released today, another in May)! If you’re new and want to get Sprint Vector today you’ll have to pay and wait a month to get the next DLC for free. Not a bad wait with a new map to discover!

Watch the new Outer Vegas trailer below!

Free Weekend + Rift Event

Credit to: Survios

If you’re new to VR or are interested in seeing what Sprint Vector is all about, there’s an Oculus Free Weekend on April 5th-8th. That’s 3 days of heart racing and arm burning fun! During this Rift Gold Rush event, Oculus players can earn a special achievement by logging into their Oculus Home account and playing a multiplayer game of Sprint Vector from 1 pm to 2 pm PDT on Saturday, April 7th.

The Rift Gold Rush is an Oculus birthday gift to supporters, where players can win Oculus freebies and be entered in a drawing for an envious Gold Oculus Account. Once it’s been won, this epic account will unlock 100 Oculus game titles that are sure to keep whoever won happy for a long time!

Past DLC

Want more Sprint Vector DLC? Racing with the Stars is a patch that will give you a new map and will also unlock Mr. Entertainment and his sassy sidekick Princess Shran as playable characters.

Want More Experience With Sprint Vector?

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