Credit to: DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Justice League VR and the Movie

Prepping for the studio release of the Justice League movie that’s out November 17th, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are busy promoting the action movie Justice League by using VR gear and gaming. If you’re one of the lucky attendees at New York Comic Con, from October 5th to the 8th, you’ll get to try out a sneak peek of the HTC Vive’s Justice League VR game.

If you’re not at NYCC this year, you’ll be like the rest of us who have to wait to play at a later date. For two weeks after the movie’s released in the winter, IMAX VR Center in Los Angeles and at Kips Bay in Manhattan will let people play the Justice League Experience.

Game Release in December

This December, DC Comics and Justice League fans will get to purchase a copy of Justice League VR for use at home. The VR game is widely compatible with major VR manufacturers like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and the Sony PlayStation VR as well as their respective controllers.

Gameplay and Exercise

Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman

What’s exciting about this new action VR game is that you get to pick what DC superhero you want to be. You’ll be accepting missions and working towards beating your objective that you’ll forget that you’re breaking a sweat.

Wonder Woman: It looks like you’ll get the best workout playing as Wonder Woman, where you’ll be using both arms, activating your back, abdominals, and obliques in combat. The real arm burner comes from shielding yourself and sword fighting against packs of insatiable Parademons.

Batman: The immersive world of VR will have you feeling like you’re really shooting up and outmaneuvering bad guys in the Batmobile, like beloved Batman would. It looks like at this point (that may change) he’s not a character you’ll be hopping all over the place while you’re playing.

Superman: There is also a noticeable absence of Superman’s stage and abilities, affecting his character’s overall assessment for fitness and what we can expect from his character if he’s even in gameplay. Some say he’s “dead”, but can he die? Really? Probably not, he’s a franchise.

Credit to: DC and Warner Bros.

The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg

Gain weapon or skill boosts and collect experience points as you conquer stages and complete objectives like a true superhero.

The Flash: Run right side up and upside down as you sprint around subway passages as The Flash, and get some cardio in as you try not to run into speeding railway cars as levels get more difficult as you stop a time bomb from exploding.

Aquaman: Travel beneath the ocean and play as Aquaman, spearing titanic monsters with your magic golden trident. You’ll be using your upper body to aim and throw, while your lower body will balance and thrust, it’s a body win-win.

Cyborg: As a half-man and half-machine, Cyborg is on a mission to fight against robotic drones trying to take over the DC Universe. And a lot like Batman, Cyborg’s character looks like his gameplay relies more on aiming and less on overall bodily movement.

Credit to: DC and Warner Bros.

Thoughts on Gameplay and Exercise

Because the Justice League VR game has a team of the best developers that money can buy, their game graphics are a pretty good representation of what a popular comic-based VR game can and should look like.

There is no word of the types of other additional DC Universe heroes, enemies, and bosses we’ll be seeing after it’s been fully released. Currently, all we know is, we’ll eventually see more of them. It would be interesting to see how difficult the levels will become, as this is where the potential for fat and calorie burning will likely increase. If you are finding the gameplay too easy, and you’ve managed to easily burn through levels, you may want to add ankle or wrist weights to gain resistance to improve your workout, overall aerobic performance, and to strengthen and tone muscles.

Because the franchise is so popular with children, teens, and adults it’s very likely that they’ll get a kick out playing the game, beating it, and then increasing the difficulty for a more challenging session. With the future release of the VR game, there is hope that the Justice League will inspire more kids and adults to improve their physical fitness by playing a game that’s as attention-holding and action-packed as the superhero movie it’s made after.