Virtual reality appeals to people of various ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, and when it comes to VR for wellness, we continue to see middle-aged or older women taking advantage of this technology for its many benefits.

Likewise, some apps seem to have particular appeal and definitely people are picking up headsets specifically to use Supernatural, a full-body cardio workout synced to music and set in beautiful locations. Fans of the VR fitness app regularly share success stories of weight loss, better health, and improved emotional states.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting another enthusiast who has benefitted from Supernatural and wanted to share her wellness journey with you.

VRFI:  Hi! Thank you for agreeing to chat with me. Could you please tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is Karen Krueger. I’m a married 62 year old mom of 20 year old college twins. Prior to Covid 19, I was a Senior Tax Analyst and Associate Team Leader for H&R Block.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, the offices closed and I was no longer working. Subsequently in March 2020 my horse passed away, my mom passed in May, and both my dogs passed away in June. I had not taken very good care of myself prior to that with all my responsibilities, but 2020 became my year to overcome the grief and become stronger mentally and physically and regain my vitality.

VRFI:  That’s a lot of loss and I commend you for focusing on ways to become stronger as you worked through the grief. Could you please share how you were able to take the first steps towards regaining your vitality?

Karen:  My fitness journey started in July of 2020 with a used rowing machine. I was 207 pounds and my knees are bone on bone arthritic, so any type of walking similar to or even an elliptical would be very painful. In fact, I would have to use the electric cart at Costco in order to go shopping. Standing for any length of time was nearly impossible. So my only hope was the rowing machine and to develop a diet that would help in reducing calories.

In August of 2020, I started meeting with a neighbor with an in-home gym, and who is a lady boxing champion. She developed a workout that I could do while sitting using resistance bands, hand weights, and other techniques. I began riding my bike and continuing with the exercises at home. My routine increased as I saw the changes happening. I took pictures to help myself see the changes, and remind myself of the “before” and the positive changes taking place right before my eyes.

VRFI:  How did these changes lead to your VR fitness journey?

Karen:  In March of 2021, I saw an ad for Supernatural VR workout. By this time, my weight had dropped to 169lbs, and my physical abilities had improved immensely. This program looked so interesting. I loved the full body workout with the music, and the scenery along with the motivation by the coaches. I decided this was the next step in my fitness journey so I took the leap and bought the Oculus Quest 2 and signed up for Supernatural. I have been hooked ever since!

VRFI:  What do you like about working out in virtual reality?

Karen:  Once I put the headset on and saw the beauty, and the music, I have been working out 7 days a week. I tried Beat Saber, but it didn’t have the same type of music or environment that Supernatural has. The immersive environment in Supernatural is like nothing I had experienced before. It’s like an escape visiting so many beautiful places around the world. It is so amazing!

VRFI:  What benefits have you seen since you began using Supernatural for fitness?

The physical benefits of Supernatural have been astounding! I can squat, and shift my weight side to side, where I couldn’t do that before. With the music and movement, it has shaved years off my body, and has toned my legs, arms and abs to the point that in 8 weeks I dropped a pant size and a shirt size.  In total I have dropped 42 pounds, 3 pant sizes and 3 shirt sizes. Increased mobility and muscle tone are the two biggest improvements I have experienced in the past 2 months of using VR.

Supernatural has been the best calorie burner for me along with strength training. VR replaces the rowing machine and biking, but I still workout 3 days a week with my boxing coach.

VRFI:  Do you have suggestions for others who might be considering a VR fitness routine?

Karen:  My suggestion would be to anyone who is on the fence about trying it is to give yourself the gift of whole health improvement through music, movement, and cardio strength training while having a blast. There are so many other games or apps that can appeal to so many different interests as well, so the variety keeps the interest going. I am thankful everyday for finding VR and the changes it has made in my life.

VRFI:  Thanks so much for sharing your wellness journey with us, Kathy. We wish you continued health and wellness!

We encourage community members to connect with others throughout all stages of your wellness journey. If you’d like to learn more about the fitness program Karen uses, you can find Supernatural on social media or join their Discord server.