If you own a VR headset, you’ve likely entertained the idea of purchasing even more accessories for it over the years. While the market is flooded with additional items that you can purchase to better your own experience in VR in one way or another, some standout accessories definitely would help those of us who use the technology for workout purposes specifically. KAT VR’s popular locomotion device definitely falls into this category, and beginning tomorrow, its current model will be receiving a substantial upgrade.

KAT VR announced recently that it is set to release a second-generation version of its locomotion tech. The Kat Loco S, as it is called, is a refined version of the previous model that KAT VR released awhile back. This new iteration comes with enhanced motion sensors, new decoupling technology, and the ability to be calibrated more easily, among other upgraded features.

If you’re wondering just what the heck a locomotion system is, though, essentially, it’s a piece of tech that you adorn to your body while in VR that will allow you to move freely in VR from a single position in the real-world. “The loco S enables limitless actions and infinite, physical movement in VR from a single spot in reality,” says KAT VR’s description of the Loco S. “Walk, run, strafe, and move backward freely. What’s more, with Roomscale support and a smart algorithm that recognizes different types of movement, it is also possible to walk around, jump, crouch and go prone without any unintended movement forward. The user can go back to movement on the spot at any time without turning the sensors on and off.”

You can get a better look at how the original model of the Kat Loco worked in the trailer right here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvTbB19bvIw]

Speaking more specifically to the improvements found in this S model revision, KAT VR has said that the accuracy with the product this time around is much greater than in the original Kat Loco. In addition, the battery life is said to be able to last for 50 days in standby mode, which is pretty staggering. Even if you don’t use this product every time you strap yourself up to enter the world of virtual reality, it should still be able to retain a charge and be ready for utilization whenever you want it.

The big benefits that the Kat Loco S offers are tied less to improvements in the calories you might burn, but are instead is just more helpful for the overall user experience in VR. The accessory is said to help prevent motion sickness which, as someone who can often get queasy when using VR, is a huge benefit for me. If you also are forced to play in a more confined space, this is definitely a tool that will ensure you’re not bumping into the objects that might be around you. Overall, Kat Loco S is a quality-of-life device for VR usage and whether or not you see it as something worthwhile for yourself is left up to you.

As for the Kat Loco S specifically, the new unit is set to begin going on sale tomorrow on November 20. It will retail for $229, which is a bit of an increase compared to the $199 value of the original version. That said, if you pre-order the device by November 27, you’ll receive a 20% discount with those who purchase it prior to December 31 receiving 15% off. Initial shipments are planned to go out in December.

For more on KAT VR, you can also visit the company’s official website right here.