The prototype of the KAT Walk mini! Credit to: KAT VR

KAT VR or Hangzhou Virtual Technology Co. Ltd.’s VR compatible omnidirectional treadmills (ODT) have announced on Reddit that they will be starting another Kickstarter page to begin raising funds for their newest endeavor, the KAT Walk mini. In a cinched down model of the original KAT Walk VR, the Mini looks like it’ll take up less space and be more consumer friendly as a realistic and immersive locomotion solution.

KAT VR was in attendance at GDC 2018 and shared with Road to VR that they will begin another Kickstarter page soon for their mini model ODT. The company explained that “We decided to go back to our roots, to the same community that supported us initially, and that is why our next product will be launching on Kickstarter very soon. Since the product is still a prototype, we encourage the community’s involvement and feedback during the development process of KAT WALK mini.”

To see more about what the KAT Walk mini prototype looks like check out the video below.

Similarities of KAT Walk mini and KAT Walk

Players have the freedom of movement to run, walk, turn, squat or lunge with the slick ODT plate. Players clip into the waist and leg safety harness. Foot sensors are still required for better overall tracking. Their product protects you from running into walls, objects, and people with their boundary and harness design. Both will still take up some space in your home, gym, or business.

Active Steam VR games compatible with KAT Walk: Fruit Ninja VR, QuiVr, Sairento VR, and Space Pirate Trainer.

Differences Between KAT Walk mini and KAT Walk

Original KAT Walk omnidirectional treadmill. Credit to: KAT VR

The new model is a functional and practical space saver that’s been scaled down in size and weight (85 kilograms/187 pounds is the prototype weight) from Original KAT Walk models (191 kilograms/421 pounds). The KAT Walk mini will come with a backplate as well as a waist and leg safety harness, while earlier models relied on harnesses and a directional arm for balance and security. Older models used foot sensors with the ODT and are now going to use lasers for tracking instead.

The KAT Walk mini prototype setup. Credit to: KAT VR

The new model uses the Pimax 8K and PSVR headsets for VR support in the new trailer. Reddit user and KAT VR rep Max_KATVR makes it clear that the omnidirectional treadmill is “compatible with ALL games with FREE LOCOMOTION support, on ALL platform, that includes PSVR, Oculus home, Viveport, and SteamVR.”

Reddit user and KAT VR rep Max_KATVR shares that there will be “More content coming soon! Subscribe and follow our social media to never miss an update!” and that “This is a prototype, the final version will have a smaller outer shell, as for the baseplate, you can take much wider steps than this, we will upload more content soon showing that.”

Active game titles expected to be compatible with KAT Walk mini: Skyrim VR, PayDay 2 VR, and Fallout 4 VR.

Fitness Benefits

Arcades, gyms, home use for consumers, and businesses that see VR’s value for health, fitness, and entertainment. Active VR users or people who want to play games, run and walk in VR to get cardiovascular exercise or just get a more immersive experience overall will want to keep their eye on the KAT Walk mini Kickstarter page when it gets created.

Walking and running in VR will not only skyrocket your step score on your trusty Fitbit, exercise even in small bursts can boost your brain, enhance coordination with consistent use, and will shed those love handles. Run forward or backward, squat, lunge, and turn around in 360-degrees; the only thing you can’t do in KAT VR omnidirectional treadmills is jumping.


KAT VR has just announced on social media and Reddit that they will be doing a prize giveaway. Max_KATVR shared what fans of the ODT’s can expect if they enter the giveaway, “1 first tier winner will be randomly selected for a completed KAT WALK mini. 5 second tier winners for the Oculus Go VR headset. 10 third tier winners for KAT Rifle-stock. And 100 game codes for a 100 winners in the fourth tier. The giveaway ends on Monday, April 16th” Follow this link to enter.

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