Knockout League, a Grab Games creation, just got a full release for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality. This VR arcade boxing game isn’t just a ton of fun, it’s also a fully stacked workout that’ll get your heart racing. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Knockout League.

1. Wear The Security Straps

VR Fitness Insider - Vive controllers in urban apartment.Save yourself from having to purchase another flat screen TV by putting on the security straps and securing them so the tracked controllers won’t go flying when you punch. Also, it’s a good idea to turn on the boundary lines so you won’t run the risk of shuffling towards a wall or tripping over a chair mid-fight.

2. Gloves Up

Keep both of your gloves up near your face in the invisible “block box” but not covering it completely. Keep hands/gloves level with each other as you block. Not only is this an obvious way to prevent your money maker (face) from getting smashed, it will help the tracking of your hands and gloves. Not doing so means that blocks won’t be counted as accurately.

3. Body Stance

Get into a fighting stance with your feet hip distance apart, turn to the side, with one leg in front of the other. The whole idea is that the two legs are keeping you balanced but are staying active and not flat-footed or anchored.

4. Fighters

There are 9 total boxers that will get more difficult as you play on. The last 3 opponents have “perfect guard” so there’s no breaking through them when those gloves are up. Open them up to body shots and face shots by moving around your punch locations.

5. Look At The Bars

There’s now a stamina bar for both you and the fighter. Look at them often and aim to build up the score multiplier for more hit points and to keep track of how weak the other boxer is getting. Take advantage of the yellow and red zones. Getting an opponent into the red zone on their stamina bar is the best time to epically punch them for a win!

6. Don’t Stand There, Punch!

You no longer have to wait for opponents to throw the first punch. This time it’s on you to make the first move, Young Blood! Be aggressive!

7. Pay Attention To Tells

Much like poker, every character will have their own unique facial movements or tells that will signal to the opposing player that they are about to make a move. Look at the characters eye movements or facial twitches and then memorize them! This will give you an advantage!

8. Watch The Wind Up

If an opponent is winding up their punch they can’t be vulnerable to attack. There is, however, a small window of opportunity for some characters that allows players to interrupt their attack. Wind up basically means wait and look for another tell before you jab or hook them.

9. Guard-Breaking

When the match starts, look for open shots to take and use those high, low, left, and right combo punches you were taught by Doug Johnson. Break through a boxers guard when they put their gloves up or down. Gain your Golden Gloves by racking up those combo points and taking minimal damage by bobbing and weaving. Dodging to avoid damage instead of blocking is going to give your lower body a better workout than blocking.

10. Increase Damage

Putting some oomph and power behind punches and mixing up punches with combos will earn you those Golden Gloves. The Golden Gloves will automatically give you extra damage points with each hit. Power through and dodge to keep the gloves, while blocking will eat away at your stamina and bar.

11. Golden Gloves

When you get your Golden Gloves and are in the zone, you’re going to want to combo hit as fast and as intensely as possible. If you can do this that KO is all yours!

12. Interrupting Punches

Interrupting a fighters punches with your own is going to give you a second to take the advantage when the opponent’s stunned.

13. The Parry

Parrying in Knockout League means the countermove like a block or a deflection. If you’re going to block and you’re successful, drive home those head and body shots to gain an offensive lead.

14. How To Avoid Uppercuts

Knockout League Trainer and ex-professional boxer Doug Johnson suggests that you lean into the side from where the uppercut is coming at and to avoid ducking when there’s an uppercut coming at you because you’ll be moving towards the punch that way.

15. Showboat A Little

Get the audience hyped up and taunt your opponent after they fall or miss a punch. Raise your gloves in the air when they are down, just don’t showboat your face off and forget about who you’re fighting!

16. Reflex Alley

You’ll be training with Doug Johnson to punch incoming balloons, block medicine balls, as you bob and weave away from flinging dumbbells. This is great for stamina and coordination practice or on its own as a workout. Beginners will want to start training here for an intro to Knockout League.

17. Focus Mitt Training

In this part of Knockout League, you’ll work with Doug the trainer who will lead you through mitt training. He’ll show you combinations you can use in the ring and will keep you in fight ready condition by keeping your feet moving around the ring.

18. Speed Bag

Pick your difficulty level or go freestyle at the speed bag. Use the meter to gauge how fast or slow you’re going. Hitting the bag with one hand at a time is great for a beginner learning the ropes, but mixing up hands and patterns is going to be a better exercise for seasoned KO players.

19. Keep Checking Back

Knockout League has reported that they will be releasing more content (DLC? Multiplayer?) after release, so keep checking their Steam page, website, and Grab Games for more information.

20. Drink Water

Your body is made out of it. Keep hydrated and have fun. Being dehydrated is going to wipe you out and take away from your workout.