The League of International VR Esports is excited to announce another exciting season of competition in immersive VR sports regardless of a player’s region. LIVE joins forces with BigBox VR for a second season of SmashBox Arena, and they’ve added One Hamsa’s Racket:Nx for an inaugural season.

LIVE is the creation of Alex Rozenberg, founder of an Israeli arcade called VRality. The enthusiastic players at VRality participated in competitive events, but they weren’t able to take part in some of the world’s biggest VR esports so they took the initiative and developed a league accessible to players in both the home and arcade environment. Players can also participate even if they’re outside the two most common regions for competitive VR esports – North America and Europe. By opening participation parameters, LIVE is helping encourage growth of VR esports communities throughout the world.

SmashBox Arena

Twelve teams from around the world competed in the SmashBox Arena LIVE Season 1, but ultimately North American team Ship It claimed bragging rights as the first SmashBox Arena LIVE champions.

SmashBox Arena is a fun VR esports game that was created by BigBox VR from the ground up for virtual reality. A competitive team shooter, there are several game modes with power-ups that include giant boulders, sniperballs, and heat-seeking missiles.

Check out this recap of SmashBox Arena LIVE Season 1.

Teams can register now and competition in SmashBox Arena will begin on May 3.

You can purchase SmashBox Arena on the Oculus Store or via Steam.


In mid-May, LIVE will launch the first season of Racket:Nx, a cross platform multiplayer game that enables you to push the limits of traditional racquetball in a giant immersive pinball dome.

One Hamsa’s Racket:Nx has received very positive reviews on Steam and the game continues to see an active and growing community on the Racket:Nx Discord server.

LIVE has a special affinity for One Hamsa since the game development studio is based in Tel-Aviv. The studio officially opened in 2016 with a goal to have a positive impact on players’ lives and bring something new to the world of gaming. They seem to have accomplished that goal and hopefully they’ll continue to bring us more great games.

You can purchase Racket:Nx on the Oculus store or via Steam.

More Information

Register for League of International VR Esports 2020 Season here.

Additional information about format, prizes, etc. will be shared on the LIVE Discord server.

Viewers are encouraged to watch season 2 competition on the LIVE YouTube channel, where you can share support for their favorite teams.

In addition to SmashBox Arena and Racket:Nx, LIVE is working with Levity Play to determine if Skyfront VR will return in 2020 for season 2. VR Fitness Insider will share information about that as it develops.