Phantoms and Loyal Dogs team members at Nice One Barcelona event in Spain, fall 2019.

The busy summer of VR esports competitions continues with a recap of all the exciting news coming from the League of International VR Esports (LIVE) as they gear up for a 2 v 2 Skyfront tournament, announce progress on other LIVE events, and welcome two sponsors.

In addition, LIVE will soon share details for a Mediterranean / Middle East Echo Arena League. The number of players in Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena has grown tremendously since the introduction of the Oculus Quest and new players are eager to participate in competitions. There are opportunities available, but the addition of a Mediterranean / Middle East league will make sure all players have the opportunity to participate in competitive VR events.

Skyfront Tournament

Registration is open for the 2 v 2 Skyfront Tournament that will begin on July 26. There are no geographical limitations on the tournament and rules will be posted on the LIVE Discord server.

Levity Play’s Skyfront is an action-packed multiplayer game that was built from the ground up for virtual reality.

The Unspoken Tournament

Although The Unspoken LIVE Season 1 has already started, the league was established in such a manner that new players can join at any time. Beginners are also encouraged to join the league in order to continue building the playerbase of this urban fighting game where you cast spells and use your magical abilities to battle for supremacy in beautiful battle arenas.

If you’d like to join in Season 1, message AlexRagon#1580 in the LIVE Discord server.

Regular training is also organized through The Unspoken Discord server. There are pick up events and veteran players who will answer questions and advise you on how to improve your dueling skills.

Insomniac Games’ The Unspoken is an incredibly well-polished game so it’s exciting that veteran players and league managers continue to feature it as a VR esports title.

Recently Concluded Events

The Onward LIVE Summer Cup was held in June and 17 teams fought in virtual battles for glory and Woojer Straps. The 5 v 5 event was held in two divisions with the top four teams in playoffs.

BossFight and Globochem advanced to the final round and these two teams have a great history full of friendly rivalry in Downpour Interactive’s tactical mil-sim as they’ve competed for titles in the community-driven VR Master League, the Oculus-sponsored and ESL-run VR League, and now the League of International VR Esports.

Ultimately Globochem claimed bragging rights and Woojer straps for each team member their first Onward LIVE Summer Cup victory.

You can check out a recap here.

There was also a one-day Echo Arena event geared toward European players on June 21 with ten teams participating in the 4 v 4 tournament for cash prizes as well as Woojer straps.

The Phantoms Esports team took top honors in the double elimination Echo Arena EU LIVE event and claimed bragging rights, a cash prize, and Woojer straps for each player on the team. Phantoms Esports was founded in late 2018 and is headquartered in Spain. They currently have squads for Echo Arena and Onward, but continue to look for opportunities for expansion.

Ongoing Tournaments

SmashBox Arena LIVE Season 2 will conclude soon. This was a seven-week 2 v 2 league highlighting the cartoonish arena shooter from BigBox VR.

Racket: NX LIVE Season 1 has been running the 1 v 1 tournament for a couple of months. The season will conclude in early August.

One Hamsa’s Racket: NX is a cross platform VR game that allows you to play racquetball as if you’re in a giant pinball dome so if you’re looking for an extreme experience and enjoy racquetball, you should give it a try and prepare for future competitions.


VR esports continues to grow and there has been increasing interest in sponsorship from companies producing VR accessories and more. LIVE now has two official sponsors: Woojer and Rebuff Reality.

Thund3r Pilot, co-captain of Globochem, displays his Woojer strap.

Woojer creates products that enable you to feel the sound as you hear it. For virtual reality, this can intensify the immersive experience for players.

VRFI featured an article about Rebuff Reality in April and these guys have jumped into the VR esports scene with passion. They have top quality accessories like the VR Shell, VR Power, and VR Ears that enable VR enthusiasts to protect their equipment and have improved virtual experience.

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