There will be plenty of VR esports to keep you entertained this summer as the League of International VR Esports is offering fantastic options for player and fan engagement in some of the best VR esports on the market.


On June 13-14, the League of International VR Esports will be hosting a two-day cross regional tournament for Downpour Interactive’s Onward, a mil-sim first-person shooter that has been featured in other competitive VR Leagues with great success.

The tournament will feature five maps, including one custom map and competition will follow a Swiss-ladder best-of-1 format with teams of 5 to 8 players.

The $100 prize pool includes a $60 Amazon gift card for the first place team and a $40 gift card for the second place team to use as they choose.

Register for the Onward tournament on the LIVE website and visit the LIVE Discord Onward channel for additional information. Admins are looking for casters to cover the event so if you’re interested, message D3adShot in the Discord.

The Unspoken

The Unspoken, which was featured in two seasons of the Oculus-sponsored and ESL-run VR League, is also being featured in the LIVE tournaments this summer. This is fantastic news for fans of this spellbinding title from Insomniac Games!

The Unspoken pits player versus player in a supreme urban magic duel. The arenas in this game are beautiful  and the mechanics of the game are impressive. Unfortunately the title has struggled to maintain an active playerbase, but there has been a resurgence of interest thanks to community activities such as weekly and monthly meet ups for player vs player duels.

Competition for the first League of International VR Esports championship title of The Unspoken begins on June 20 and continues into August.

The Unspoken league will consist of three stages of competition. The first month will consist of a Swiss style tournament with randomly matched players to determine a basis for seeding for the next stage. Stage two will consist of a tiered bracket system designed to give newer players an opportunity to play less overwhelming matches. Finally, stage 3 is set up find the top players who will advance to league finals.

You can find some beginner tips for The Unspoken in this article. While it’s an older reference, the information is still useful and also veteran players should have some training opportunities available soon for new recruits. We’ll post those to the VR Fitness Insider social media once more information is available.

Players interested in competing in The Unspoken tournaments should join the official Discord server, get to know the community, and practice in weekly events.

Prize pool for The Unspoken league consists of a $25 Amazon gift card for the top player in each region. Registration is still open for this tournament at the LIVE website.

Echo Arena

On June 21, there will be a one day mini-tournament for Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena players in the European region.

The first season of Echo Arena VR Master League recently concluded and players are eager for more competitive events. Recently there was a popular Rookie Cup and several other competitive events are popping up for players of the zero-gravity VR esport.

The League of International VR Esports Echo Arena tournament will be double elimination and players can register their teams of four on the website. There is a limit of 16 teams for this tournament so if you’re interested, register early. Also bear in mind that if it fills quickly, there are other Echo Arena tournaments happening this summer through LIVE and other groups so keep an eye on VR Fitness Insider and we’ll announce those as soon as possible.

Prize pool for the LIVE one-day mini-cup is $80 for first place, $40 for second place and $20 for the third place team.

European region players can register for the Echo Arena mini-cup on the website. Find more information on the LIVE Discord.

Additional Information

VR Fitness Insider announced the LIVE 2020 season a few weeks ago. The SmashBox Arena league was reset and begins this week so if you’re interested in participating, you can reach out to AlexRagon#1580 on the LIVE Discord. Racket: NX competitions is currently in week four of a nine week season, but if you’re interested in future competitions, purchase the game and get involved with the community now.