Let Me Take a Selfie… Tennis

Love tennis? You may not love this game. Hate tennis? This may not be your game either. Witness the weirdness of Selfie Tennis.

Selfie Tennis is best described as Tennis that has no rules in a dream of someone who took a nap after taking LSD. Yes. You read that right. It really is a psychedelic version of the racquet bound sport. The game allows you to play with others, but it also allows you to wack the ball that’s floating in the sky into anyone’s face on the stage, with a Selfie Stick as your weapon. Did we mention that the bystanders have giant Tennis balls as heads and their bodies are covered up by clouds? Yes. You read that right, too.

What is Selfie Tennis?

Selfie Tennis is like the free roam version of Tennis, but most of the time you will find yourself just breaking things because you can and generally playing with yourself. The game doesn’t have an actual point to it and is anything you want it to be, within the confines of what’s in the game.

Graphics and Visuals Score 2/5

The graphics for this game are actually really pretty considering it’s just a Tennis game. However, it’s very small and there’s only one level. There is no A.I. to play against and the players in the stadium eventually respawn or you just reload the game in order to get them back. There is no customization and you play as a horse on a stick that has a mohawk.

If you wanted to see what tennis would be like in the clouds with a lot of pastel colors, this is the game for you!
If you wanted to see what tennis would be like in the clouds with a lot of pastel colors, this is the game for you!

Hardware Requirements Score 3/5

The game requires very little in order to run it, with only a space requirement of 300MB. You will need 4GB of RAM, a NVIDIA GeForce 970 or better, Intel i5, and a current version of Windows (or something that’s newer than Windows XP).

Fitness Score .5/5

If you are fine with a game where you just pay Tennis with yourself, then this game will be fantastic for you. There are some other modes, but they are just mini games and not all that interesting for adults. There is a kid’s mode for the game and it does have multiplayer functionality. It doesn’t provide the same amount of fitness that other games like this provide and it doesn’t have much to it at all. It’s not tennis and it could really just a be a game to make sure your controllers are working. You’re not skipping the gym today.

Gameplay Score 2/5

While it might be fun to play this game for free, or if this was a demo for the real game that was being worked on, the final game is simply not worth the price of $19.99. There’s not much to do and you will be done in less than a few hours of playing if not less. The gameplay itself is not difficult and the ball moves very slowly so that it isn’t hard to hit. This game is more of a boredom killer than anything else and the fact that you have to pay more money than its competition, and that the game doesn’t have much in it for the price, makes this game one of the worst games for the Vive.

Overall Score 1.8/5

Overall, the game is the worst compared to even some of the free Indie games out on the market for the HTC Vive. The game has no point other than playing with yourself and the only multiplayer experience is seeing a leaderboard of what your friends or family scored in the few mini-games that it has. To some, playing Tennis with yourself might be fun, but this game gets boring quick.

-Tommy Mertell

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