Cheer on your favorite teams with a friend! Credit to: LiveLike VR

LiveLike is a virtual reality and 360 sports streaming platform where viewers can spectate football, tennis, eSports, and soccer on their smartphones or mobile VR displays. Sports fans and app users can use LiveLike in the comfort of their home and experience what it’s like to sit in a suite seat with the best views imaginable.

Congrats to LiveLike VR! Credit to: LiveLike VR

The VR powerhouse had a big year and was awarded as 2017’s Winner of VR Startup of the Year at the VR Awards in November. Earlier this year, LiveLike and Fox Sports joined forces to broadcast The Super Bowl and in 2016 they won TechCrunch’s The 1st And Future Award.

Suite View

Enjoy the suite life! Credit to: LiveLike VR

When a fan gets dropped inside the Fox Sports, Roland-Garros, Live Pass, or BT Sport app and views the game in VR, they’ll get to sit in a private suite that’s positioned as one of the many best seats in the house. Fans can dress their own avatars and deck them out in their favorite team colors as they teleport around the field and stadium at select viewing points.

Instead of purchasing thousand dollar tickets, sports fans can use these teleportation points to get a view of the action from behind the net or goal post or other angles on and around the field! If a viewer wants the full stadium experience there’s a jumbotron feed for football and soccer games.

Rewind DVR

Time for an instant replay. Credit to: LiveLike VR

Miss something? Rewind the action shot and re-watch it again and again. Celebrate your team’s win and gloat about the opposing team’s loss. Rewatch those nail-biting moments and high-stake shots with highlight replay from various perspectives, so you can see up and down the field and see what the field looks like from the player’s viewpoint.

Game & Team Data

See player and game stats. Credit to: LiveLike VR

Get player information and in-game statistics, like how long a player has had possession of the ball in soccer, or how many yards a player advanced in football. Passes, fouls, and completed plays can be accessed easily and social media overlays like Twitter can be seen.

Get Social

Credit to: LiveLike VR

Express yourself! Design an avatar in color-coordinated team gear, hats, logos, and paint. Coordinate with friends who have the app and watch the game together as a group, or open up the room to other viewers online. Chat, boo, and cheer on players and referee calls, it’s just like being at the real game!

Supported Apps

The sports hub is home to major sports broadcasting companies and is compatible with iOS, Android smartphones, and Samsung Gear VR. There’s no word on whether LiveLike will extend their platforms to Oculus, Vive or Windows headsets.

Fox Sports VR

Use the Fox Sports VR app in the United States and link it to a Facebook account to see other friends who use the app. Watch sports, like football and soccer, solo or with a group of friends from a suite for live games. Watch old games and clips in 360 by entering the Fox Sports Go Theater. The downside, it’s not clear if baseball, hockey or other sports is included in the Fox package.

Roland-Garros VR

Sports fans in France can download the Roland-Garros app to watch France TV Sport tennis matches and tournaments in one place. Watch from every side of the court, get replay clips and player stats without leaving the couch or pause it to pick it back up later.

VR Live Pass eSport

Available for download in France, VR Live Pass eSport app gives its fans a 360-degree stadium view of their favorite gamers. Watch live games and tournaments of CSGO, Quake and Clash Royale. Rewatch offensive and defensive plays and access commentary and pro player interviews.

BT Sport VR

Step into a live game of football, or soccer, as our neighbors across the Atlantic call it. Watch sports in the UK by downloading the BT Sport VR app to get a view from the suite or teleport around the field. 8 cameras are strategically placed so fans can watch plays, fails, and wins from a variety of high-quality viewpoints. Watch the UEFA Champions League Final in Cardiff or other league games at the fans leisure. Check player stats and game information in real-time or after the game has ended.