Credit to: Lucidcam

Lucidcam is a virtual reality camera that fits in the palm of your hand, can be easily worn, and is easy to use with a press of a button.  The VR camera is stereoscopic and has a 180-degree field of view, so you’ll experience the video you’ve filmed or the picture you shot in 3D. It’s with this ease of use and lightweight portability that makes Lucidcam a great addition to any athletic team’s training regimen.

Athletics and VR

During his talk at the US Open, the CEO of Lucidcam, Han Jin described how tennis players can effectively use Lucidcam to help them improve their game and their swing by viewing themselves in multiple perspectives. By wearing the Lucidcam on a chest or head mount you offer athletes of various sports the opportunity to see themselves as they are practicing and competing from their own perspective or from the viewpoint of another player, coach, or trainer. 

Lucidcam Chest Mount. Credit to: Lucidcam

Using VR in athletics is nothing new, VR Fitness Insider recently covered how San Francisco 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard used STRIVR to help him train off the field. “Virtual Reality has been his practicing partner, and it has been confirmed that he has reviewed more than 1,000 practice plays in a week’s time. VR has helped Beathard read defenses, progressions, and other important aspects of playing QB in the NFL.”

While STRIVR is helpful in training quarterbacks to view games and plays in first person perspective, Lucidcam can set student and professional athletes up for success by giving players a true to life perspective that lets them view their own movements and actions.

Gain an Edge

Players getting ready. Credit to: Pexels

Lucidcam can help players gain an advantage over their competition by mentally practicing offensive and defensive plays without having to get physical. In a recent SportTechie article, Syracuse quarterback Eric Dungey praised using VR in his training, stating, “It’s basically like going through practice again. I love going through practice, I love practicing so it’s basically like doing that all over again but it’s easier on the body. You know you kind of just get mental reps.”

Athletes are also free to revisit and analyze what they did right and wrong during a game at any time. Implementing this 180-degree camera could potentially reduce the number of missed plays, but most importantly, practicing a swing, throw, or a play may reduce injuries that occur during practice and competition.

How Lucidcam is Different

Lucidcam is proud to be different. Unlike helpful VR training programs like STRIVR and Eon Sports VR, Lucidcam doesn’t require you to be tethered to a hard shell VR HMD for viewing virtual experiences. Instead, you have a choice between using an HTC Vive, Oculus, or PSVR with the Lucid VR App (also compatible with both Android and iOS) or you are free to use a mobile headset like Google Cardboard or Google Day Dream. So, it’s cost-effective for a team or individual athlete with varying budgets, while being quick and simple to assemble in a VR display.

Lucidcam is so lightweight that it can be worn by a single player, multiple players, and can be used by trainers and staff to film varying viewpoints all at the same time. This versatile camera can also be paired with 3 other Lucidcams to form a full 360-degree video or image if your content or need calls for it.

Effective Strategy

VR Fitness Insider explained the necessity of VR when it comes to maintaining and executing athletic skill. Ryan DeLuca says, “Without the right strategy, intelligence, and competitive insight, all the muscle and speed in the world won’t help you win at the elite level.” 

If professional and collegiate athletes want a personalized and effective way to analyze and view their body posture and positioning, how they follow through with an action, and what they are doing right and wrong during a competition, then Lucidcam will help get them there.