The MarineVerse Cup Summer Race Series is underway with races taking place in locations such as Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and San Francisco. Virtual sailors are invited to participate in daily race practices, a weekly race series, and leagues.

The Summer Race Series features three leagues:  standard, pro, and dinghy. When players register for the MarineVerse Cup, they’re automatically placed in the standard league, but they can advance to the pro league once they win a daily race practice in the standard league. Players are able to participate in multiple leagues once they qualify.

A unique boat is assigned to each league. Standard and pro league sailors race on a yacht while the dinghy league is for small sailboats.

This summer, races will take place in different locations around the globe, including Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and San Francisco.

Spring Race Series

MarineVerse hosts cups year round and the Spring Race Series recently concluded with over 150 sailors participating in the standard and pro series leagues in virtual reality.

Linda van Kleef, champion of the Standard Spring Race Series, began sailing a dinghy when she was 8-years-old. The Dutch sailor is now in her 50s and lives in Germany with her husband, who has Multiple Sclerosis. While sailing and boats are “in the past in real life,” Linda points out that VR offers an immersive experience so she can relax and enjoy a hobby she came to appreciate as a young child. Read the full interview with Linda on the MarineVerse blog.

Jon “Bofh,” a sailor from Glastonbury, U.K., claimed the championship title for the Pro Spring Racing Series. In an interview with MarineVerse earlier this year, Jon says he remembers leaning as he tacked the sails and he was impressed with the realism and immersion of the experience. He encourages others to try the game and interact with others in the community.


There is plenty of help on the MarineVerse Discord as sailors learn the basics in VR Regatta: The Sailing Game and when they move on to the MarineVerse Cup, they’ll find other competitive sailors who are more than happy to join them in regular competition.

MarineVerse Cup is currently in free beta and available through Steam in early access. Sailors can also apply to join the Oculus Quest beta program to experience the game untethered.

If you’d like to learn more about virtual sailing, join the community .