Melbourne-based VR development studio MarineVerse has partnered with iconic sailing brand WASZP to change the way sailing is experienced around the world.

During the past seven months, the teams at MarineVerse and WASZP have used the lockdown period to collaborate on this project. Their goal? To develop the world’s most accessible VR sailboat foiling experience.

Even a few years ago, foiling was seen as a high-end sailing experience that was unattainable for most people. The fact that MarineVerse and WASZP have brought foiling to virtual reality is excellent news for sailing enthusiasts who want to experience the fun and excitement of foiling, but are unlikely to have the opportunity in physical reality.

What is Foiling?

A hydro-foil is a lifting surface in the water that enables a sailboat to travel at faster speeds as the bottom of the boat is pushed up, resulting in decreased drag. The WASZP was designed to create an uncomplicated experience for sailors who seek an exciting foiling racing experience.

“WASZP is a perfect boat to showcase virtual reality and introduce gamers to sailing,” said Greg Dziemidowicz, MarineVerse Lead Developer. “WASZP is fast, fun and exciting. Not only do you get to sail, but you can fly in VR! Our goal with MarineVerse Cup is to develop a fun sailing game that is authentic and approachable. Collaborating with a Melbourne based WASZP team is a fantastic opportunity to make it happen.”

Featuring the WASZP in the MarineVerse Cup will indeed be a treat for sailors of all ages and backgrounds.

“The immersive technology and experience is so life-like,” stated Marc Ablett, Head of Product and Global Sales at WASZP. “We have engaged some of the best WASZP sailors on the world to help us with the physics of the boat within the game.”

Andrew McDougall designed the WASZP in 2016 as a single-handed one-design foiler. It’s the most affordable foiling dinghy at $11,900 USD. VR users can enjoy the virtual foiling experience in VR for $19.99 on Steam with the MarineVerse Cup. Whether you want to enjoy the WASZP in immersive or physical reality, we recommend that you check out this excellent video that highlights the WASZP family.

Edit:  When you purchase MarineVerse Cup on Steam, you’ll have 30 days access to the WASZP experience. For continued access, a Sailing Pass can be purchased for 1-12 months via an in-app purchase or on the MarineVerse Patreon page.


Next week WASZP is also launching a custom-made system called Racehub that will digitally connect sailors around the world with competitions both on the water and virtually. Each new Racehub user will receive a copy of MarineVerse Cup.

About MarineVerse Cup

This multiplayer competitive VR sailing game is developed by the MarineVerse team that also launched VR Regatta, an award-winning title that introduces people to sailing and also provides an enjoyable experience for veteran sailors as well.

Development on MarineVerse Cup began in February 2019 and the game launched on SideQuest in late 2019. Earlier this year MarineVerse featured the Spring Race Series and later the Summer Race Series, which featured sailboat race in some gorgeous locations around the globe.

This game is still in beta for the Oculus Quest, but you can reach out to join the MarineVerse Cup beta. There is also an active, welcoming community of sailors and gamers on the MarineVerse Discord where you can ask questions, meet others interested in virtual sailing, and talk about your WASZP experience.

If you have an opportunity to experiencing foiling with the WASZP in the MarineVerse Cup, please let us know about it. We’d love to hear from you!