If you thought VR esports was all fun and games, you were wrong. It can be about surviving in a world where dark spirits are running rampant, intent on infecting humankind and spreading darkness throughout the world.

MassVR, a virtual reality esports arena in Chicago, IL, presents Hallow Realm, a 16,000 sq. ft. virtual reality experience in which players are sure to realize that VR brings an entirely new perspective to the traditional “haunted house.” This is a one-of-a-kind VR horror experience that lasts for 30 minutes, splitting the time between ghosts or ghost hunters.

In Hallow Realm, a team of “Ghost Hunters” is called upon to investigate paranormal disturbances after an earthquake in a nearby town. After discovering frightening specters in the area, players work together and try to vanquish them from our earthly realm, armed only with a flashlight and an Electro Plasma Disruptor.

Meanwhile, the “Ghosts” use their supernatural abilities to levitate and disapparate as they attempt to pull the hunters into the swirling darkness of the Hallow Realm.

The hauntings have already begun at MassVR. This is a unique VR esports experience since your objective is more about saving humankind – or destroying them – than it is about scoring goals or eliminating your opponents in a tactical military simulator. This is about VR esports being used in a creative manner to experience the “haunted house,” a fun fall event that has been enjoyed by countless people for decades. Compete with your friends to see who will win the battle in this haunting.

With their 32,000 square foot unrestricted play space, MassVR has transformed the traditional computer gaming experience to an active, multi-player activity for participants. Players can become totally immersed in the virtual realm in competitive VR games like Hallow Realm or VR Champions. MassVR also regularly hosts VR tournaments.

You can book a Hallow Realm experience on the MassVR website.