Get ready to fight and build your way to a great physique! The best and fittest offerings of May from the VR gaming community come at us with a variety of fighting games where you’ll swing your share of swords, axes and upper cuts and a host of games where you’ll be building a life for yourself–literally! Channel your inner warrior and architect and burn some calories while some of your most under-worked muscles feel the burn in our review of fittest game releases of May 2017.

1. True Blades

True Blades is a game that we just fell in love with, or mayby we should say we fell into blood lust with. Set as a cutting edge Medieval sword fighting game specifically designed for the HTC Vive, this game takes the sword fight and survival battle to a whole new level. You’ll yield a sword and a shield through most of the gameplay and you’ll be feeling it after the volume of combatants you’re expected to take on. Explore a huge island of over 240 acres and fight hordes of peers, knights, men-at-arms, goblins, orcs, warlocks and other terrifying opponents. Sounds like a fun workout, doesn’t it?

2. Woodlands

We were surprised by this one. What is it? Basically, Woodlands is a game where your goal is one simple thing: Survive. You go through a series of tasks that lead you to build shelter, build a fire, scavenge and kill for materials. You hunt, chop wood, shoot arrows and do what you need to do to survive. This is an early access game and we can see the social element really taking over, but at it’s core, this game forces you off your butt and moving around to build a life and protect it. 

3. Gritty Bit VR

Gritty Bit VR is about as easy to understand as a game could be. This is a shooter game where the player takes control of an anti-virus and is dropped into a computer packed with dangerous viruses. This game is really good at getting you on the move because it is a locomotive-centric game, which means that you have to keep on moving in order to survive both in the game and physically. Not only that, but you also have to find time to shoot your opponents. Get ready to move and be alert!

4. VR Scape

In VR Scape, you have to constantly fight your way through enemies in order to level up. This is another medieval theme focused on fighting. In this one, you have to work your way up from a a village peasant to the mightiest warrior in the land. You get to fight hordes of Goblins, Orcs, necromancers, and skeletons with magic, sword, or bow and claim your destiny, all while swinging, lunging and moving about to stay alive.


Time to fight for glory in medieval times…again! This is one of the best sword fighting games we’ve seen in a while. The amount of pressure and forces that your body goes under whenever it wields a sword is intense! We have years and even centuries of data showing how fit the art of sword fighting makes you and Deus Vult is a game that throws you into the online world so that you can constantly fight people with swords. If you play this game right, it will work every single muscle in your body–that is, if you want to be the greatest warrior in the game.

6. Aeon

There’s not a day that goes by that another game doesn’t try to conquer what Raw Data managed to do when it came out. The only difference between Aeon and Raw Data is that you have to move while fighting these robots–and we mean really move throughout your environment. Did we mention that if you’re fast enough in this game that you can literally catch your enemy’s bullet in your hand? Yeah, it’s that good. Also, be on the lookout for realistic details of hit reactions, Real-time sword cutting system, Advanced IK to let you see your whole body.

7. Tomb Guard VR

Tomb and there are 15 kinds of Tomb Raiders to fight against. Not only is Tomb Guard VR a hand-to-hand fighting game and a weapon to weapon fighting game, but it’s also a real time strategy game with the ability to use 20 kinds of traps, 3 types of weapons, 4 magical skills, and a whole lot of enemies to kill. As long as you are in a level, we can almost guarantee you will be sweating just to beat opponents and stay alive in the game. Did we mention that you’ll have to perfect some serious archery skills? Your traps will be on fire the next day. Enjoy!

8. Country of One 

Not every game needs to be an action-packed, enemy crawling experience in order to be a good workout. Country of One sets out to put you to hard work rather than killing people and it’s all work that you do by yourself. Your goal is to literally build a life in a shack or palace–that’s up to you! Either way, if you want to survive, you have to pick up your axe and go hack the tree down yourself and then put the lumber where it needs to be. We expect a lot of people will be spending hundreds of hours playing this game and getting fit without even realizing it because of how much work you have to do in order to collect materials in this game. 

9. Vision Origin

Vision Origin is kind of like the Badlands of VR but the goal here is that you need to get back to Earth because you have some important information. The problem is is that there’s a lot of enemies in between you and Earth and you have to fight your way through all of them. Needless to say, you will be pushing yourself with the need to constantly shoot your enemies and fight them off of you .

10. Mech League Boxing

Did you ever see Real Steel? Don’t worry if you didn’t (but put it on your list because it’s about as close to Rocky IV with robots and Hugh Jackman as you’ll ever see). The point of that movie is essentially the premise of Mech League Boxing. It’s the future and humanity has evolved into a community that watches robots battle it out for their enjoyment. Of course, you’ll be controlling the robot that you hope wins it all in the end. You’ll have a host of weapons to wield and even more adversaries. You’ll also be sweating, swinging, dodging, leaping and squatting. It’s legit and you’ll love it if you want to workout in VR.