Update: 4/8/2019
To get your Beat Saber mods back up and running, go here and use the new Beat Saber Mod Installer tool.


Mod Saber, the de facto tool for installing and updating unofficial Beat Saber mods, unexpectedly went off-line earlier today. Little is known about what circumstances led to its demise, just an ominous message from the mod developer reading, “Goodbye world.” We certainly hope they are okay.

Update: The developer of ModSaber, lolpants, released a statement on modsaber.org.

According to the Discord admins for the Beat Saber Modding Group, they are working to move the installer to a new platform, which will be released in the coming days.

In the meantime, if you find that your custom songs and plugins are no longer functioning, there is a temporary workaround to get many of them working once again with the latest update of Beat Saber, version 13.2.

First, to be safe, backup all of your custom songs and plugins. The Beat Saber game directory is typically found in these locations:

Steam C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Beat Saber\
Oculus C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber


Next, you can download this archive which contains working backups of the plug-ins and installer, found here: 0.13.1 Saber-Chan Remastered

Within the archive , you’ll find two install method folders, labeled 1 and 2. Either will work. Drag and drop the contents of either the Install Method 1 or Install Method 2 into your Beat Saber directory, overwriting any files when prompted

Once copied, run the IPA.exe executable that you just added to the Beat Saber directory and your custom songs and the custom map downloader should be operational again.

You can also find more mod plug-ins, including Score Saber Plus and the Darth Maul Mod, amonst many others, within the archive, but compatability with version 13.2 of Beat Saber cannot be assured, so experiment with these other plug-ins at your own risk.

If you have any problems after following these instructions, try uninstalling and reinstalling Beat Saber and following these steps again.

You can also follow this video tutorial here:

Hopefully, that should have you up and running again and we’ll keep you updated on what any future plans for installing updated Beat Saber mods and custom songs are.