Phantoms and Loyal Dogs Esports Organizations (also based in EU) helped visitors at NiceOne Barcelona last year.

Nantes Esport will host the NES Games this weekend for Echo Arena players in the EU region. The games began when the community wanted something fun for the EU Echo Arena players to do on the weekend and have evolved into an event with a caster, coaches, and more organized structure. Additionally, the games represent Nantes Esport’s positive attitude toward the overall well-being of the VR gamer.

Started in 2018 as a way to help new players reach their objectives, Nantes Esport members offer advice and coaching for game skills as well as encouragement for players’ mental well-being and physical health.

Experienced players in Ready At Dawn’s Echo Arena have a long history of in-game mentorship through programs such as the Hamburger Helpers, Echo Community mentor program, Arena Academy, and even team trainings such as “Jokr Academy.” Nantes Esport joins the tradition with some fantastic resources in their own player-support program.

According to Thomas Lang, VR Manager and Echo Arena Captain at Nantes Esport, the organization has healthcare coaches who focus on general good practices such as how to prepare muscles for exercise through proper warm-up, making good food choices, etc. Fabrice Bertrand, coach and professional mental trainer, is the most recent addition to the coaching team. He will begin teaching sessions soon with the TARGET method (Task, Authority, Recognition, Grouping, Evaluating, Time) to help players become more mentally aware and focused.

In addition to helping individual players, many pro players like Lang and Ninjaknight93 also help new teams learn the ropes.

Lang, known as Alocoste in game, helps with gameplay and strategies. He passes along tips he received from the players who had taken time to help him along the way.

“Torin was our coach between season 1 and season 2,” says Lang, “so I am trying to help people like we had the chance to be coached by him.” Torin plays for Phantoms Esports and competed in the Echo Arena VR Master League Season 2 Championship this past weekend. Many high rank players give back to the community in this way and it represents a positive standard for growth in VR esports overall.

Although this weekend’s tournament won’t be the first for Nantes Esport, it will be the first one Lang has organized. While Nantes Esport currently uses Guilded to organize internally, Lang is hoping to develop more tools for Echo Arena players such as a better way to plan scrimmages. Either way, this is an exciting time to be involved with VR esports. If you’re in EU, check into Nantes Esport and sign up for the NES Games.

NES Games

This weekend’s tournament is open only to players in the EU region.  The tournament is being run through the Guilded website and will be streamed on the Nantes Esport TV Twitch channel. If you’re interested in participating in this weekend’s tournament or learning more about other opportunities for VR esports players, check out the Nantes Esport website and social media.

Tournament Info

  • EU players only
  • Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 – 27
  • Games begin at 6 pm BST / 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT

Register for the tournament on the Guilded website.

Watch the tournament on Nantes Esport Twitch.


While Nantes Esport is currently focused around the EU region, the Echo Community is active worldwide. Please visit the following platforms to learn more about the game and how to become involved!