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Blue Goji, the virtual reality and wellness technology company that turns stationary bikes and ellipticals into VR fitness machines, has partnered with WOODWAY and have announced that they are expecting a 2019 release for their newest patented creation, the Infinity VR treadmill. Futuristically designed with an illuminating blue hue, the virtual treadmill is an eye catcher that will turn any sweat session into a game you’ll enjoy playing over again at sites like upscale gyms, rehabilitation centers, and select commercial businesses.

Infinity Specs

Infinity Treadmill by Blue Goji – Handcrafted by WOODWAY

Coleman Fung, Blue Goji’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer talked about the alliance with WOODWAY and how their experience in the fitness industry will benefit the creation of the treadmill saying, “Full disclosure: I’ve been a passionate client and fan of the WOODWAY Curve for almost 10 years! When we started the Infinity design process, I just assumed we would have access to the best mechanical slat belt design for its ‘buttery,’ low impact feel and benefits.”

The curved treadmill belt is made of vulcanized rubber that sits over 60 individual slats for movement. The equipment as a whole weighs 615 pounds (outside boxing) and takes up a 45” x 72” x 57” (width x length x height) space. The treadmill uses a Microsoft Windows operating system like a tablet to run their GojiCare platform with games that use a game controller system positioned on the metal railing for added stabilization and game control.


Blue Goji’s Infinity treadmill is compatible with Oculus and Vive headsets. Blue Goji told us that, “It’s possible it will be compatible with the Oculus Go and Vive Pro and we would certainly like to support these headsets, but we can’t be sure at this time.”

VR Games

We previously mentioned that the Infinity will be compatible with Blue Goji VR games and also from third-party distributors. We reached out to Blue Goji directly about whether SteamVR would be the third party platform for the Infinity and the outlook looks promising since some of their present VR games like Dino Fense and GoWings Safari are already compatible with SteamVR. VR games that aren’t released and presently unconfirmed for the Infinity treadmill are Parkour Runner, Cardio Racers, and Punch Beat.

Fitness Potential

The New Infinity Treadmill is great for physical therapy. Credit to: Blue Goji/Physical Therapy Products Online

The Infinity VR treadmill is built to endure long winded cardio sessions that will have you playing third party VR and 2D games as you walk or run at the same time. Interested users who weigh up to 800 pounds can use it to walk in virtual worlds but has a weight restriction of 400 pounds for running, making the Infinity an inclusive treadmill for people who want to lose weight with VR but might have limited options to do so because of their weight.

The security sensor belt in the middle keeps the player/exerciser better attuned to where they are in reality but keeps them secure at the same time. Trainers or physical therapists that see VR’s value as a motivating rehabilitation tool can use the safety harness and railing as a way to help injured patients get stabilized and strengthen their bodies in a virtual game like Furiends where players walk or run with a dog and other exciting games.

Active bodies will appreciate that they can get a cardio and resistance workout at the same time by playing games like Radial G on the Infinity treadmill. Athletes building endurance, marathon runners looking for their next pumped up workout, and fitness enthusiasts at any level can adjust the speed and intensity to their liking while adding resistance to the games to improve muscle conditioning and stamina. Competitive fit gamers who love a challenge can look forward to online games with other players and even tournaments to build towards.

Expected Pricing

We reached out to Blue Goji about the cost of their VR compatible treadmill and they gave us an estimate of $15,000, not including the price of the VR headset.

Demo The Infinity Here

Go to IHRSA 2018 for a chance to demo the Infinity VR treadmill on March 22-23 in San Diego at Booth #3121. You can sign up to get notified about the pre-order here by signing up for their emails.

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