Plenty of people are hesitant to use virtual reality (VR) headsets because they seem a bit obtrusive. This is especially true of the older crowd who feel slightly uneasy about the idea of strapping a computer to their head. Add in the assumed challenges of working out while donning a VR headset and it is easy to see why some are uncomfortable with the idea of transitioning to activities involving VR. Fret not! VR makers like Sensics are working to address headset concerns so this revolutionary technology makes a seamless transition into the mainstream.

VR At-Home Versus VR In Public

It is one thing to don a VR headset in the comfort of your living room while playing games that require minimal movement. It is a totally different challenge to engage in a fast-paced VR activity that gets one moving throughout the entirety of a room or other space. Sensics is developing a VR headset designed for use in amusement parks, arcades and other leisure environments. There is a substantive difference between this style of “high-impact” VR headset and the variety worn at home by casual gamers looking for a virtual thrill. The challenge is to create a durable headset that is not too heavy, won’t absorb sweat/odors and can be worn by people with different head sizes/shapes. Companies like Sensics are set to overcome these challenges and spearhead the charge to catapult VR directly into the mainstream.

A Look at Sensics’ VR Headset

Consider the perspective of a fun-seeker at an entertainment venue. He sees someone using a VR headset in a small arena designed for VR activity. He ponders whether he is willing to don the same headset after the current user and several others have worn it throughout the day. If it is coated with sweat, carries an odor, is arduous to remove/wear or feels unclean in any way, he will likely be hesitant to strap it to his head.

Enter the Sensics Goggles for Public VR

This headset provides a 100 degree field of view with a 2160 by 1200 @ 90 Hz OLED display. The beauty of this VR equipment is that it is meant for out-of-home use. Sensics’ new headset is built to stand the test of time, can be cleaned in seconds, is repaired with ease and ergonomically comfortable. Sensics’ VR headset is even designed with dual fans to ward off fogging. There is no need to hold controllers thanks to the Leap Motion module placed directly into the headset. This means the learning curve will be dramatically shortened as one does not have to master a controller scheme. Add in the fact that the headset can be removed from the head and donned by another user in seconds and it is easy to see why the industry is abuzz over Sensics’ latest effort.

The Impact on Fitness

It is clear that VR headset makers like Sensics are targeting a broad audience. Look for the company’s new headset to make its way into the fitness realm around the same time it is embraced by theme parks, arcades and other venues. Imagine going to a gym and using Sensics’ new VR headset in a space specifically designated for VR workouts. You’ll be able to adjust the headset to fit the nuances of your head and wipe down any passive parts that might have accumulated sweat from previous users. Sensics has even gone as far as distinguishing the face mask portion of the headset from the active section of the goggles so the unit can be worn by kids.

It won’t be long until VR headsets like Sensics’ reach the majority of homes. These devices will be used for much more than entertainment. They will enhance workouts and even help people overcome their fears. VR Headsets will soon be shared in a seamless manner thanks to their remarkable flexibility and ease-of-use. It won’t be much different than using an elliptical, a treadmill or a video game’s motion controller after a family member or roommate. Look for Sensics’ new VR headset to hit the market at some point in 2017. You just might spot it at a local arcade or theme park in the months ahead.