Virtual Reality is shaping to be the hot new media of this decade. While critics were quick to dismiss it as a fad, the virtual reality industry continues to disprove them. Earlier this month, VR received a new injection boost in the form of investments. Companies such as InstaVR, zVentures and LiveLeak have raised millions of dollars to fund their innovative virtual reality experiences and more companies gain the interest of people with big pockets. Here’s how these startups and the investments they’ve received can truly change the VR Fitness game.

InstaVR – $2M in Investments

InstaVR is a small startup that has already worked with 3 major clients. Recently, after a funding round led by the Virtual Reality Fund, they have received over $2M in relation to their web-based virtual reality software platform. Aiming to make development of VR titles and applications easier, InstaVR is developing for a future where anyone would be able to create a great web-based VR experience with just a few clicks. This means that there will be rise in virtual reality content, increasing the likelihood of new and exciting VR Fitness games.

zVentures – A $30M VR Capital Fund

Razer is an infamous hardware manufacturer, known by almost anyone in the gaming scene. Recently, company officials have announced zVentures, a $30M VR capital fund. While the company will use the fund to make investments in IoT and robotics, they will also be doing investments in AR/VR, particularly Android gaming. As we’ve previously discussed mobile VR Fitness is truly an up-and-coming experience that might prove to be a more valuable option than PC VR Fitness.

Live Leak – $5M in Investments

Do you want to immerse yourself into a truly exciting sports VR experience? LiveLeak is aiming to deliver a new way to interact and enjoy your favorite sports. Recently, we’ve discussed how NBA and NFL are already migrating towards VR . However, the $5M in investments LiveLeak has received, just go to show that the sports VR industry is moving forward, which will greatly change the VR Fitness game.

Vertebrae – $10M in Investments

What’s truly exciting and frightening at the same time is the fact that Vertebrae have received over $10M in investments. Aimed to deliver a device-agnostic advertising platform, the company could prove to be the game-changer Virtual Reality needs in order to truly become a mainstream sensation. While it’s hard to admit, the success of VR content is closely related to how advertisements could be integrated within virtual reality. Delivering an advertisement platform that could easily reach people enjoying VR experiences, could truly boost the virtual reality media and make VR content more rich, diverse and easily accessible.

Other Investments that Might Change the VR Fitness Game

Pathbreaker Ventures is another venture capital fund that has raised over $12.9 and will invest in startups in the VR/AR industry. Furthermore, First Contact Entertainment is aiming to deliver the first Triple-A title developed from the ground up for virtual reality and they’ve managed to raise over $5M of investments. While the future of the VR Fitness is currently unclear, it is a fact that moving forward we will be able to see new developments that will forever change the way we think about exercising.