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MLB Home Run Derby VR

Baseball fans unite! Major League Baseball’s true to life baseball sim is going to make you feel like you’ve just stepped onto the plate and are ready to hit baseballs outta the park. Play inside Marlins Park, Nationals Park, and Progressive Field as you become a batter in the majors.

Fitness Potential  

Using a controller as a bat will use your dominant batting arm so you’ll want to switch up the sides you’re holding it with, however, it might feel odd if you’re not used to doing so on the field in real life. MLB Home Run Derby VR is an upper body game only and doesn’t have a way to include the lower body except to stand. It is a strong coordination game that will have you hitting baseballs into the stands that have targets for points.

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Developer/Publisher: MLB

Release Date: April 26, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, PSVR, with tracked controllers

Price: $19.99

Link: MLB Home Run Derby VR, MLB Home Run Derby VR


Tennis Kings VR

Set on a realistic tennis court that’s fully equipped with a crowd, scoreboard, and sunny sky, you’ll be facing off against a 5-level AI opponent for tennis matches. Pick a tennis racket that matches your personality, go for a traditional racket or try out something more silly like a frying pan! This game is in early access.

Fitness Potential  

The basic rules of tennis apply in Tennis Kings VR — serve, react, and hit the ball to a spot that the AI isn’t close to. Hit hard to make the ball fly and to really get some upper body action. Hustle around the court and sidestep in room scale to get steps in. Climb the ranks from Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert to build up your tennis skills.

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Developer/Publisher: Appnori Inc.

Release Date: April 23, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllers

Price: $14.99

Link: Tennis Kings VR


Sanguo Warriors VR

Sanguo Warriors is a single player combat and RPG game where players will be on a mission to take on ancient Chinese warriors. Fight, pick up special weapons, and level up your experience and character to be a more skilled fighter. This game is in early access.

Fitness Potential  

This game uses teleport and is standing only without room scale so it’s not reliant on legs for anything but getting out of the way of enemy attacks. Using a bow and arrow, a sword and shield, and other weapons you can throw and maim enemies with is going to be light to mid-range upper body activity. This is an early access game.

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Developer/Publisher: Xiamen champions league win network technology co., LTD

Release Date: April 18, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, with tracked controllers

Price: $11.99

Link: Sanguo Warriors VR


Galaxy Ball Defender

Video credit to: Games Carpe Diem via YouTube

Use your controllers to hit floating balls at angles so they’ll hit drones. This is a good coordination game that will test your patience as you attempt to use only one ball against the drones to gain a destructive glowing power-up that will destroy the ball that it hits next, leading to more drones.

Fitness Potential  

Players will need to focus on angling the ball off the walls and hitting balls that get too close. This game is a light exercise that requires timing and paying attention to how many strikes the ball has taken in order to win and not run out of a supply of balls.

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Developer/Publisher: That One Game Studio

Release Date: April 25, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllers

Price: $2.99 to $3.99

Link: Galaxy Ball Defender


Struggle For Survival VR

Video credit to: Portal Virtual Reality via YouTube

In a post-civilization world, supplies are few and survivalists will reign supreme in this multiplayer, co-op, and single-player FPS game. Survive attacks from other people, players, and zombies in a competition to see which player can make it to the end. This is a bloody game, so be prepared for that.

Fitness Potential  

Sneaking up on zombies and other players or characters and then shooting them before they devour you or kill you first will be a better exercise in fast-paced Survival mode. This is because it’s got up to 20 players at a time in-game that’s going to keep you on your toes and looking over your shoulder and ready to defend at any time. Or, if you want to play solo go for the Sweeper mode so you can spend time working on your hunting skills in room scale to also get your legs active.

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Developer/Publisher: Neuron Studio/Top Power

Release Date: April 24, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, with tracked controllers

Price: $19.99

Link: Struggle For Survival VR


Just In Time Incorporated

This is a slow-motion voxel game where players will get objectives to save characters. Equipped with a hyper glove that slows down time and outside the box thinking to save characters, the light warm up to your exercise playlist will come from the melee and automatic weapons, explosives, and objects you throw or use. Players will attempt to save their client to disastrous ends.

Fitness Potential  

This isn’t a fast-paced game and has objectives that are in segments. So using melee weapons like katanas, knives, swords, bats, and other weapons are going to give you more of a workout if you put power behind attacks during objectives and save characters. Pick up what you can and tear things apart or punch a rampaging bear in the face. Play the game, fight, and destroy things in room scale to get your legs moving.

Play this game if you’re a fan of: Exterminate the World.

Developer/Publisher: Second Wind Interactive, LLC

Release Date: April 24, 2018 (PC release July 2017)

Compatible with: PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, with tracked controllers

Price: $14.99

Link: Just In Time Incorporated, Just In Time Incorporated