Credit to: Hyperbolic Magnetism

Beat Saber

Video Credit to: VR Fitness Insider via YouTube

If turning into a virtual Jedi drummer sounds like your idea of a fun new workout you should play Beat Saber. Equipped with a neon red and blue lightsaber, players will hit matching directional cubes to rack up points. Beat Saber is a single player rhythm game that will fire up your workouts with electrifying music. It is an early access game. Check out our full Beat Saber game review.

Fitness Potential  

Beat Saber uses a ton of upper body agility and coordination for smashing boxes up, down, and side to side. This game is played sitting, standing, and in-room scale and has a very interesting way to get the lower body engaged by placing obstacles to side step, lunge, or jump away from. The music will make your workouts go by faster, but if you want to add more difficulty to this upbeat rhythm game try adding a weighted vest.

Developer/Publisher: Hyperbolic Magnetism

Release Date: May 1, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, with tracked controllers

Price: $19.99

Link: Beat Saber


Killing Floor: Incursion

The PC games Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2 have crossed over to PSVR with Killing Floor: Incursion. This is a gory game with lots of blood and flying parts that some players will want to avoid or totally embrace! It’s a single player, multiplayer, and co-op first-person shooter (FPS) that will have you spraying bullets, yielding a katana, and taking on the role of different classes to kill some Zeds (zombies).

Fitness Potential  

Shooting and maiming waves of zeds in Holdout modes is going to be a great upper body workout because you’ll be fighting off hordes of the living dead with guns or melee weapons, which is always a heart rate booster. Use two-handed weapons and add a weighted vest for more overall body fat burn. Play in room scale if you can so your lower half will get a workout too.   

Developer/Publisher: Tripwire Interactive

Release Date: May 1, 2018 (Nov. 2017 for Vive/Oculus/WMR)

Compatible with: PSVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, with tracked controllers

Price: $29.99

Link: Killing Floor: Incursion, Killing Floor: Incursion


Orcz Evolve VR

Orcz Evolve is a mix of tower defense and first-person shooter where players will destroy waves of orcz. These orcz show up in different forms with varied abilities to attack you with and weaknesses to take advantage of to take them down. You’ll be equipped with futuristic guns that are straight out of sci-fi, bow and arrow, war hammer and lots of other weapons. This game is in early access.

Fitness Potential  

Players will get a good upper body workout when they shoot guns, melee weapons, and the bow and arrow. Ducking away from attacks by orcz and tightening the abdominals will work the core and legs together. Use room scale to get the most action out of this game.

Developer/Publisher: ARLOOPA Inc.

Release Date: May 3, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllers

Price: $2.99

Link: Orcz Evolve VR



Credit to: DCG Entertainment

VRRV puts a noir spin on single player arcade shooters. The game is set up like a shooting range with pancake villains at varying lengths away and with different abilities. Use your revolver to shoot, refill rounds, and then shoot some more. Use special ammunition to make weapons more powerful.  

Fitness Potential

These shifty pancake characters might look like firing range target practice but they’re anything but — they shoot back! Firing rounds into these guys is going to be a good coordination exercise but also a light to mid-range upper body workout. Dipping behind crates on the platform and in room scale will keep your lower body active with intentional squats.

Developer/Publisher: DCG Entertainment Inc.

Release Date: May 1, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllers

Price: $1.99

Link: VRRV


Brick of War 魔块战争

Credit to: ZBO

This is a fun single player and first-person shooter that will have you blasting away monsters big and small. When monsters get hit with a blade or automatic weapon they turn into bricks/cubes instead of meaty bits, which is a nice break from all the gore. There are various weapons and props in the game and even a big boss at the end.

Fitness Potential  

Blasting apart monsters is a great way to blow off some steam while you get a light to mid-range upper body workout. Using bladed weapons and props to hit monsters with will give you the best workout and will engage your abs and lower body when you move around in room scale or dodge ax throws with wall sitting motions or squats.

Developer/Publisher: ZBO

Release Date: May 2, 2018

Compatible with: HTC Vive, with tracked controllers

Price: $3.00

Link: Brick of War 魔块战争