Some interesting video footage was recently leaked about an alleged HTC Vive smartphone. HTC is a power player in the virtual reality field. The company’s supposed entry into the realm of VR-oriented smartphones likely means that mobile VR will be taken to a new level at some point in the near future.

What We Know About the new Vive Phone

The above referenced leaked video clip might have revealed the direction HTC’s new phone will take in the upcoming year. A metallic smartphone featuring the pale blue Vive brand name and logo on its back was displayed. It appears as though the new Vive phone will feature colors beyond the typical silver and black that dominate cell phones of all varieties.  The Vive name and logo are a likely indication that the Vive makers are heavily involved with the production of a VR-oriented smartphone that might be available in 2017.


The phone displayed in the clip also featured something similar to the antenna used on the latest iPhone models. A camera lens was also noticeable. Yet the phone captured in the video provides no other clues as to what this alleged VR-focused phone might provide. Though some argue that the new Vive phone could just be a high-spec edition that is compatible with headsets, others are more adventurous with their thoughts and hopes for this mysterious device. It is quite possible that the Vive phone is the model promised for compatibility with Google’s Daydream VR unit. Or, maybe it is a completely independent unit meant to provide vivid mobile virtual reality imagery.

Is the new Vive Phone Legitimate?

Some web users have commented that the forementioned leaked video could be completely phony. After all, just about no one expected an HTC Vive phone to hit the market in the coming months or even by the end of 2017. Yet one would have to invest an abundance of time and effort to create such a phone with an accurate Vive logo. Furthermore, the promo video was provided by a reputable source: Evan Blass. He has established a reputation as one of the Internet’s most trustworthy informants. The odds are that this video is indeed legitimate. If the video is real, HTC likely has all sorts of goodies coming down the pipeline for the months and years to come. Some are anticipating HTC tablets, smartwatches and even VR kits to emerge in the near future.

An Emphasis on Mobile VR?

VR enthusiasts are hopeful that the new Vive phone will make use of the Viveport Mobile service. It is quite possible that there is a VR headset coming down the pipeline to boot.  The possibilities are seemingly endless for the Vive phone. The leaked clip also makes it clear that HTC phone users will be able to customize their phones to a significant extent in 2017. If these customizations are available for the Vive phone, it will prove to be that much more of a hit. It would be an understatement to say those who are in the market for an HTC VR-oriented phone are keen on customization.


One thing is clear: It won’t be long until vivid virtual settings are within our reach no matter where we go. All we will need is a smart phone, a lightweight VR headset and a diminutive motion controller. This technology opens up all sorts of possibilities for those who would like to engage in physical activity away from their home gym or local fitness facility. Perhaps the Vive phone will push mobile VR forward in ways we cannot yet currently imagine.