Oceania Community Presents 2v2 Echo Arena VR Esports Tournament


The Oceania (OCE) Echo VR community will host an OCE Echo Arena 2v2 tournament on November 28. As a result of the committed leadership team that regularly hosts such as this, the community continues to grow.

Servers for the OCE region opened for Echo VR on May 12 soon after the game went into open beta on the Oculus Quest. By July they were ready for their first community tournament and there were 27 participants. This might seem like a small number, but most of the early cups for the entire Echo community also had relatively low participation because VR is still a growing ecosystem overall. We’re still introducing people to virtual reality as well as VR esports and the even smaller communities within specific games.

One thing the OCE leaders are doing right is engaging their community. They have an active Discord server where they answer questions, offer encouragement, and host events that encourage player interaction in and outside the game.

Activities hosted in the OCE community have included a mini-games night and an incredibly popular Trivia Night where players answer questions about Echo VR. For those who want to spend time together outside of Echo VR, they created a community games category so players can hang out and enjoy experiences such as Among Us.

In addition to engaging activities, the leadership has made a point to encourage players in other ways, such as by posting a note on Suicide Prevention Day that encouraged community members to reach out if they need to talk.

Thanks to the hard work they’ve put into building their playerbase in the Oceania region, OCE was added to the VR Master League for Echo Arena Season 2. The VR Master League (VRML) is a community-driven platform that features competitive VR games. Although Echo Arena has been featured in numerous events and is a popular VR game for esports leagues, the focus had previously been on North American (NA) and European (EU) players. Once they passed the tipping point to show they would have enough teams to compete in their own region, they were added to the league.

VR Fitness Insider announced earlier this week that Echo Arena VR Master League Season 3 will commence on January 4. The OCE Echo Arena 2v2 tournament is designed as an interim activity that will give teams a chance to have some fun and keep up their skills.

How to Participate

Sign up for the OCE Echo Arena 2v2 Tournament on Challonge.


  • Date: November 28
  • Time: Coverage begins at 12:15 pm AEDT | Matches begin at 12:30 AEDT
    (This converts to 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT on Nov. 27.)


  • Double elimination
  • Best of 3 five-minute rounds


  • 1st place: Discord Nitro + a special role on the OCE Discord server
  • 2nd place: Classic Nitro + a special role on the OCE Discord server
  • 3rd place: A special role on the OCE Discord server

Where to Watch

Pamwow will be casting the event. It’s always fun to watch community casters and many of them have gone on to become casters for the VRML, as is the case with Pamwow. These casters put on a top notch production of VR esports and we look forward to seeing Pamwow’s coverage of the event. You can join other viewers on the community Twitch channel.

Echo Community

Even if you’re new to Echo Arena, you can join the community Discord server, make some friends, and participate in the tournament if you’re in the OCE region.

Other Echo VR community links:

Echo Arena is part of Ready At Dawn’s Echo VR universe. Players jump, duck, dodge, and work together in a virtual zero-gravity environment to score on the opponent’s goal. It’s widely recognized as the first true VR esport.

Stay tuned to VR Fitness Insider for continued news about virtual reality fitness and esports.