Oculus announced that they are working on a VR fitness tracker for the Oculus Quest coming out later this year. The new fitness tracker will help track your movement while you are playing your favorite VR games.

Here is what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about it during his keynote at Facebook Connect. “It’s a system-level fitness tracker that will help you keep tabs on how much exercise you are getting while playing your favorite VR games. It’s called Oculus Move, and it allows you to set goals and track them across the different games and apps.”  

Oculus is also experimenting with real-time stats and in-game overlays so you can seamlessly track your movement during gameplay.

At this time, not much else is known about other features or if it will pair with a wearable fitness tracker to record your current heart rate.  

We will keep you updated on the latest news about the Oculus Move VR fitness tracker.