The Oculus Quest 2 was one of 2020’s hottest gifts for the holiday season and won Best VR Headset of the Year For Fitness. If you happened to receive one for yourself, there are tons of fantastic accessories that you can now start to look to add to your collection. If you’re a fitness enthusiast though who is specifically trying to find some new face covers for your headset, some fantastic new options have now hit the market.

VR Cover, a company that specializes in accessories for virtual reality devices, has this week let loose a new slate of items for the Oculus Quest 2. In total, four new items have hit the market and each would be a great addition to your own collection depending on the circumstances.

The first two accessories in question come in the way of silicone covers that you can slide right on to your Oculus Quest 2. VR Cover has released two of these items, one in orange and another in mint. I’m personally privy to the orange, but I imagine others may prefer the mint, especially since it fits a bit better with the muted tone of the headset.

We’ve talked about headset covers a lot here before at VR Fitness Insider and these two from VR Cover are some of the best around. Each cover will help keep sweat, dirt, and other grime off of the direct foam that is attached to your Quest 2 meaning that you’ll be able to keep it in nicer shape for a longer period of time. The covers are also very soft when pressed to your face and are generally quite easy to clean. If you are planning to especially use your VR headset for the purposes of working out, an investment in one of these covers is highly recommended.

As for the other products that have launched this week, they come in the form of two new grips for your Oculus controllers. The first is called a Halo Controller Protector and it does just that — protects you (and your controllers) while you play. These rings fit around the outside of the Oculus handheld devices and ensure that if you knock them into any structures while playing, they won’t get damaged or scratched. Tracking also isn’t impacted whatsoever and these protectors are also very easy to clean, too.

Speaking of grips, those in Europe can also now finally grab the Controller Grips that VR Cover previously released. These little accessories are meant to do exactly what you would expect: help you have a more firm grip on your controllers. These items come with straps as well so you can make sure that your handheld inputs wouldn’t go flying away if you swing your hands and arms a bit too fast.

Last but not least, if you’ve also been looking to snag a new foam facial pad kit for your VR headset, then you’re in luck. VR Cover’s past collection, which has been incredibly popular, has finally seen a restock after high demand and can finally be purchased once again. This setup comes with four different accessories all of which can be clipped to the facial area of your Oculus Quest 2. The only downside right now is that this set is currently only available for those in Europe. That said, a restock in the United States and other regions is said to be transpiring in the next few weeks.

We’ve stressed this before but honestly, any of these items would be fantastic additions to your VR array. This is doubly true if you’re someone who uses your Oculus Quest 2 on a daily or weekly basis. None of these products are going to make or break your own gaming experience but you’ll absolutely see the benefits in the long run.

As for the cost of all of this? Well, it’s honestly not too shabby. The orange and mint colored silicone covers come in at only $14. They also join a larger lineup of colors that include grey, red, dark blue, and magenta. All of these accompanying colors are also the same price. Meanwhile, the Halo Controller Protector retails for $15 while the Controller Grips are $29. Lastly, the facial interface kit also comes in at $29.

If you’d like to get a look at the full list of options that VR Cover has for sale, you can head over to the American storefront by clicking right here. In addition, those over in Europe can proceed to that region’s store page by going here.