OhShape and Synth Riders have announced the release of Carry On, a new free update featuring music composed by F.O.O.L and published by Monstercat. Both of these VR rhythm games recently received content updates that were timed to coincide with the VR Fitness Summit that runs through September 12 and the Carry On maps were chosen for the VR Fitness Summit tournament finals.

Odders Lab and Kluge Interactive, the development studios responsible for OhShape and Synth Ryders, worked together in a June update that featured Delight, a free track by Jamie Berry. When they collaborate, these studios design maps to fit the particular style of each game. You can watch the Carry On trailer below.

As part of the VR Fitness Summit being hosted by Virtual Athletics League, you still have the opportunity to win $100 as part of a collaborative prize pool between OhShape and Synth Riders.

Enter the OhShape and Synth Riders collaborative prize pool here.

For the game’s individual tournament finals featuring the Carry On maps, the OhShape and Synth Riders tournaments will be shared via social media later this week in conjunction with other VR Fitness Summit events.

You’ll be able to watch the world’s top VR rhythm game experts in action. Finalists for OhShape are PeskyCashew, AmberWMint and Pokemontrainer1313. Synth Riders finalists are Raptor, Moinn, and Jade.

There’s a lot going on so stay tuned for more news about all the exciting events happening this week!