In 2018, Onward VR Master League players competed at Oculus Connect 5 during VR League Season 2 finals.

The Onward Rookie Bootcamp Spring Tournament kicks off today at noon ET, featuring over a dozen rookie teams that are new to competitive Onward, a popular VR first-person mil-sim from Downpour Interactive that captured over $10 million in revenue on the Quest alone last year.

Onward Rookie Bootcamps enable newer players to learn mechanics of competitive Onward in a supportive environment where they can ask questions of veteran players on the Discord server and receive training on specific skills and tactics for the game that is played in an immersive virtual environment on headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index.

“The spring tournaments are usually the largest ones,” states Trip13Nipp13, head coach for the Onward Rookie Bootcamp server. This is usually the case as a result of incoming players who received headsets during the holidays, but this spring tournament also consists of new Quest players following the game’s port to this standalone headset last July.

“We try to help the newest VR and Onward players get a feel for the competitive side of things,” adds Trip13Nipp13. “Many of the teams formed in previous tournaments have gone on to participate in the VR Master League and play for top spots. That’s even how I got started and now I am just trying to help others do the same.”

For the Onward Rookie Bootcamp Tournament, players are only allowed to participate if they have not played any previous VR Master League matches.

When to Watch

The Onward Rookie Bootcamp Spring Tournament begins Saturday, February 20 at noon ET with finals on Sunday, Feb. 21.

  • Saturday and Sunday, February 20 – 21.
  • Noon ET / 9 am PT

Where to Watch

Tune in today to view today’s event on the official VR Master League Twitch channels. These guys always put on a top notch professional production of events so they’re enjoyable to watch.

Join the Community

Onward has a fantastic community and a history of competitive opportunities. The VR Master League, one of the largest VR esports platforms in the industry, actually began as an endeavor to provide a structured community-supported league for Onward enthusiasts. The league was officially formed in early 2017 and continues to thrive.

Onward Rookie Bootcamp Discord server has rookies, veterans, coaches, and other Onward community members who will encourage you and answer your questions about the game.

Learn more about the Onward Rookie Bootcamp, join the Onward VR Master League community, and join VR Community Builders to learn more about all VR games, communities, and events.