Orpheus Technodelics Dives Head First Into Mindfulness With Kaleidoscopic VR Experiences

Credit to: Orpheus Technodelics/Microdose VR

Life is a balancing act. We go all in at the gym or in VR, we nourish ourselves with food, work, play, and creativity. We rest and recharge. Lots of us work hard and then play hard as a life motto, but when we do more of one than the other our minds and bodies can get tired, our goals get sidetracked, we throw our hands in the air and wonder why. Reclaim energy, focus, and exuberance for life with a fresh take on meditation, mindfulness, play, and adventure.

Orpheus Technodelics is a Texas-based VR publisher of “psychoactive digital experiences, packaging spiritual healing and wellness into entertainment technologies.” If you’re a Vive or Oculus user who’s looking to energize or untether your mind and replenish your body with technology, Orpheus Technodelics has meditative and psychedelic art, music, and dance-worthy experiences like Microdose VR and SoundSelf that are worth dropping into.

On Voices of VR podcast episode #655, Robin Arnott, SoundSelf developer and Orpheus Technodelics creator, said, “I see this domain of Technodelics as being a place to meet people in a spiritual experience that’s not serious. It doesn’t even require any sort of devotion of practice. When you don’t have an expectation of what this is going to do for you then you’re actually freer and more open to let the thing affect you. Which is why I think art moves us so much.”

Microdose VR

Credit to: Orpheus Technodelics/Microdose VR

Can’t make it to Coachella, Burning Man or other festivals to get transported to another plane of existence? Are you looking for ways to find some inner peace and joy by experiencing something extraordinary outside of yourself? Microdose VR keeps the user engaged in psychedelic experiences that are paired with exciting yet hypnotic biofeedback rhythms and electronic music that participants (solo and multiplayer) use with VR controllers to make limitless hi-def geometric visuals and patterns appear before their eyes.

Dance with pulsating energy like a dance party of one, move smoothly like you would in Tai Chi or Qui Gong, or stand, sit, and lie there entranced like you’re in some strange colorful world in the cosmos. However you approach Microdose VR, you’ll benefit from taking some time to play, have fun, get carried away by specially designed music and visually stimulating art at every turn.

Microdose VR has touched base at events like E3 2017, Bassnectar NYE 2017, Coachella 2017, and Symbiosis Gathering 2016 to name a few. It’s been used by famous VJ’s like Android Jones and venues around the world. It is currently accepting email notifications that will let you know when their beta testing will occur.

See what it was like to experience Microdose at Coachella 2017 by watching the video below!


Even monks need to take a moment. Credit to: Orpheus Technodelics/SoundSelf

We know that there are real health benefits to meditation and how deep breathing is scientifically proven to lower our bodies stress response. VR meditation and mindfulness apps like ReMind VR and Satori Sounds are experiences that are set in nature where users can jump in and gain a new perspective for a calmer or re-energized mind and body. Much like those apps for meditation, SoundSelf is a significant psychedelic and mind-expanding meditative experience that anyone can benefit from using.

SoundSelf is a trippy adventure that will dive you head first into virtual realms of sounds and visuals that you use your voice to activate. Sustained deep breathing and taking a break away from the TV talk box or internet opinion parade can really do wonders for the quality of your thoughts and how you feel overall. Lay back and watch colorful projections of kaleidoscopic patterns take shape in front of you as they stimulate and set your mind adrift.

The hour-long solo adventure is available for purchase for $30 on Humble Bundle and has received accolades of recognition like Gamercamp Selection, Nuovo Finalist for the Independent Games Festival, Amaze Nominee for Most Amazing Game, and was a Games for Change Nominee for Most Innovative Game.

Watch a video of the Intro Sequence to SoundSelf below.

Where to Find Them

You can find Orpheus Technodelics on their website and Twitter. Connect with Microdose VR on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Stay up to date with SoundSelf on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.