Credit to: Window Licker Games

oVRshot by Window Licker Games is a team-based, 3v3, archery game where players move around to different platforms and around structures to fling specialized arrows at each other to capture or defend objective areas.

Since there are quite a few first person arrow shooters in the metaverse, having an early access, multiplayer, and competitive archery game with a quick respawn and a gameplay style that goes beyond the standard single player (you can still play solo if you want) is super refreshing.

VR archery fans, oVRshot has new updates that are going to make playing even more exciting!

There’s a Tutorial!

New players and first time VR players will have a low-stress way to learn how to play oVRshot because there’s now a player tutorial! This tutorial acts as a quick and easy oVRshot 101 course for beginning players to get acquainted with the game’s bow and arrow and test different classes and abilities before entering into a game by shooting at dummies. In the lobby, players can see the 3 classes of archers — Defense, Assault, and the newest addition, the Scout.

For those that are easily squeamish, this game doesn’t have blood and is gore-free. For those that get VR sickness, there’s a screen fade that simulates a sort of temporary tunnel vision during dash/movement which is said to be helpful in preventing motion sickness.

New Class

Before this major update, oVRshot players had 2 class choices — take on the opposing team as Assault or Defense and then switch up between the two as you progress through the rounds. Now, there are 3 classes with each class being equipped with 3 specialty arrows to think about playing or playing against during a game. Assault has the scatter, flashbang, and explosive arrows. Defense has speed, smoke, and shield arrows. While the newest class, Scout, has speed, grapple, and the coveted invisibility cloak.

New Arrow Abilities

A Scout’s speed boost increases your team’s speed when activated in crunch time. While the grapple is kind of like the Overwatch character Orisa (her ability is an orb), where the grapple drags the player or players to wherever the arrow has been shot, which is perfect for removing them from the objective or away from an attack on a player. Now, the invisibility cloak. When this is shot, the closest player will become invisible. This is especially helpful for sneaking up on the opposing team and then dropping down behind them like an arrow-wielding ninja.

New Level and Game Mode

Play a few rounds of king of the hill with friends or AI/bot archers by protecting or claiming the objective and now by testing your team’s skills at a round of demolition. Demolition is a new mode that takes place at the new level map, the Power Station where players defend the point or win by placing a bomb in an objective spot. Previous to this update, players only had king of the hill at the storage facility or data center, so this additional level and mode will give players more options to fire off arrows at each other as they defend or strategize to fulfill the objective and win.

Fitness Potential

Playing 3 rounds of oVRshot was a mid-range and upper body dominant workout because it’s fast-paced archery and sometimes there’s a little bit of downtime because you quickly get picked off and have to respawn. However, the arm you’re holding the bow with and the arm you’re using to reach for arrows will be used together, but unevenly and the system to switch arms is unknown to me. So, if you care about muscle balance or are a lefty take that into consideration.

There is a lower body element to the game that serves you best when you need to deep squat or hide behind crates and pillars to avoid being hit by a barrage of arrows or being blinded and sent straight to respawn. If you want to crank up the heat, add resistance, or just like to be tortured try adding a weighted vest to your gameplay and see if oVRshot becomes your new favorite workout.

Check out the gameplay video of oVRshot below!

Where to Find oVRshot

You can find oVRshot on their website, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. If you don’t already own it, you can purchase oVRshot for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets for $6.99 on Steam until May 29th when it will return back to $9.99.