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Upcoming Spy-Action Game ‘Defector’ Belongs On Your Radar

Please seat your tray tables in their upright position; airplane-jumping espionage action game Defector is coming to your Oculus Rift before the end of 2018. Powered by the good folks at Twisted Pixel in...

Virtual Reality: The Solution to a Consistent Workout

How many times have you crept closer to the New Year and thought: “this year is my time! I’m going to finally lose that weight and keep it off!” I think we’ve all been...

OVERTURN Game Review – Light Exercise with a Punch

Overturn is a short, story-driven action/adventure/puzzle game available on The Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and HTC Vive. In this fast-paced anime inspired VR title you play as a girl lost inside a laboratory punching her...

One-Punch Fitness with Super Punch

It all started with Super Hot and it has risen to fame as one of the must play games of the year. Developers have a tendency to want to replicate and modify current entertainment...

Shoot Stuff (and Burn Some Calories) in The Art of Fight

Who loves Call Of Duty? Clearly, a lot of people do! One of the greatest lacking elements in VR today is that the games we've come to love aren't as present as we'd like...