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Virtual Boxing League vs. The Thrill of the Fight | Finding Your Boxing Game

Virtual Boxing League and Thrill of the Fight are two of the best boxing simulator titles I’ve had the chance to sample on the HTC Vive. Both are available for every major VR platform,...

The Thrill Of The Fight VR Boxing on Oculus – How to Get Started

Oculus users get ready, the most intense fitness game in virtual reality has finally come to the Oculus Store! Of course, HTC Vive users, alongside intrepid Oculus veterans who are familiar with buying from...

The Thrill of the Fight Gets a New Boxer: Hojo Mizushima

The Thrill of the Fight keeps getting new updates, and this one is pretty significant. While there were some changes to the mechanics of the game, the biggest change was the introduction of a...

Drunkn Bar Fight Updates, Plus a Thrill of the Fight Nod

Drunkn Bar Fight is back with a typo-laden update to its zany take on boxing. The game casts you as a patron in one of several bars you can hop to down a street....

The Thrill of the Fight Deep Dive: 10 Tips to Keep Your Opponent Down...

There’s a good reason why The Thrill of the Fight won VRFI’s Best VR Sport SIM Fitness Game of the Year and that’s because it is one of the most effective and realistic VR...

Thrill of the Fight Has Some New Updates!

2018 got off to a great start with some new updates for Thrill of the Fight’s beta, and an October update you might have missed if you haven’t been following development. The VR Health...

Enjoy The Thrill of the Fight

Ever felt like you just wanted to punch someone, but couldn’t because of pesky things like the law and jail? Welcome to the game where you can get your rage on without hurting anyone,...

Move it Up VR Game Review- Fight Dancing with Friends

When it comes to the rhythm genre of VR games, it becomes tough after a while to truly distinguish one from the other. There are the titans of this genre which include Beat Saber,...
The Fight

This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Become A Frog, Face The Fight, And More

During our last VR Game Roundup, there were several intriguing titles spotlighted including a game that was essentially Guitar Hero in virtual reality, an escape room title and a free fitness title to download....

Fighting Clans VR Game Review- Back Alley Fight Club That Feels Punchy

VR tends to stick to three core game types. Shooting, melee weapon combat, and boxing of some form or another. Of those three, the boxing ones seem to be the easiest to nail. Seems...
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