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Part 1: Fitness and Oculus Rift – Beginner Tips

In Part 1 of our Oculus Rift beginner's tips series, I'll provide both new and potential Rift users with some easy guidelines for making the most of your setup while avoiding some early mistakes...

Top 10 Best Heart Rate Monitors For Your VR Workout

Whether you’re sprinting, walking, or crawling during your VR workouts, we all have to start somewhere. Regardless of your budget, one of the best purchases you can make can be found in this Top...

Interview: Tracking for Better Fitness in VR

With more people reaching for a VR headset to get their workouts in, the concept of tracking is becoming more and more important. While there are a lot of options out there for tracking...

Boost Your Cardio with Hover Junkers

Guns of Icarus is and has always been one of those games that's so unique that it simply won't die because someone else won't make it. With the advent of VR, it seems like...
job stauffer

Job Stauffer’s Story About Losing 60 pounds and Reclaiming His Health with VR

You've seen the story and heard all about how 'regular guy' Job Stauffer lost 50 pounds using VR, specifically Sound Boxing. While the headline grabbed a lot of attention, and we're thrilled he found...

Slice Into Your Workout with Sairento VR

Released quietly on 21st December last year, Sairento VR is a first person shooter and sword combat virtual reality game set in futuristic Japan. Sairento VR is not only the indie game developer's first...
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