Thursday, April 22, 2021
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What is QuiVR Vanguard and Do You Need It?

The QuiVR of today is not at all like its predecessor. When I first played the title, it was a single map of walls that required frantic defense. Enemies came in waves, as players...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup — Play an FPS, Archery, and Soccer Game!

Space Pirate Trainer PSVR users have been waiting for this console release for a hot minute. Step onto the Space Pirate Trainer platform and get your guns, lasso, and shield ready for droid attack. They’ll...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup — A Rhythm Saber Game, Be an Archer, Boxer,...

Beat Saber Grab your digital sabers, PSVR peeps -- Beat Saber is now live! This version of the neon cube slicing game has 5 new songs on top of the previous 11 song soundtrack. Get...

VR Fitness Game Updates — In Death and oVRshot

Today we've got an archery update for arrow shooting VR fans. In Death and oVRshot are both great fitness games that use repetitive and fast-paced upper body movement. Stay in the know with these...
Virtual Athletics League Season 1

Virtual Athletics League Season 1 Gets Us Hyped for New eSports Games!

Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is a global Virtual Reality arcade and eSports league that recently hosted their first tournament of the season with Space Pirate Trainer in September. VIVE’s Blog and a press release...

Five Design Tips for Developers Looking To Write VR Fitness Games

Now that the gaming industry is booming, you might be curious about dipping your own toes into the waters of game design. Naturally, you're on the hunt for strategies that successful game developers might use—besides...

Friends Make It Easier To Get Fit in VR

When you play games and work out in VR long enough—like anything else you do that eats your energy—it can get difficult to find the motivation to keep going. Especially if you're getting sick...

Can You Really Lose Weight In Virtual Reality?

In the 21st century, we won’t be spending precious time staring at white walls as we run on a treadmill going nowhere or lifting weights like a cave man or cave lady. Those workouts...
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