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Swords of Gurrah VR Game Review: Sword Fighting with Friends

When VR first jumped into the mainstream, I imagined one thing. Melee combat VR in an online arena with other players where various weapons, tactics, and levels were all available to choose from. Strangely...

Until You Fall Game Review – Fight, Die, Rise Again

If you've been looking for a VR hack-n-slash with meaty gameplay mechanics and a challenging difficulty curve, developer Schell Games' new title Until You Fall delivers all that plus more. It also manages to...

This Week’s VR Game Roundup — Cast Thunder, Pop Wheelies, and Fight Through London!

ThunderGod Just finish watching Avengers: Endgame but aren’t ready to leave Thor and his Mjölnir hammer behind? In ThunderGod, you control the Norse god of thunder and must defend your village from incoming giants. As...

Gladius VR Game Review – Fight For Your Freedom In The Gladiator Arena

Few movie characters are more heroic, noble, tragic yet total ninja badass than Maximus Decimus Meridius, played to perfection by Russell Crowe in arguably the greatest movie ever made, Gladiator! VirtualAge’s Gladius is the closest...

Virtual Fighting Championship Review: Early Access Mayhem

A slobber knocker of a game that’s rough around the edges and early in development. I squared off against my opponent, the gypsy woman, Fala, her floating discs posing an ever existent threat around...

Why Extra Haptics Are A Thrilling Prospect For VR Fitness

With a swing of your arm, you drive the side of your mace into Alduin’s jaw and render his menacing dragon body lifeless. In your hands, the haptics in your controllers recoil and buzz....

Virtual Fighting Championship | Multiplayer Fighting Game Coming to VR in July

Virtual Fighting Championship wants to bring the excitement of fighting games to the realm of VR. Fighting games revolutionized arcades. Coming out of the 80’s heyday you see in Stranger Things, arcade operators needed...

Battle of Red Cliffs VR Game Review – Waved Based Action Fighter

Fitness and history lesson combine in this action orientated reenactment of one of the legendary conflicts in Chinese history, the Battle of Red Cliffs. Apparently, this decisive conflict marked the final stages of the...

Trial by Combat: VR Titles that Test Fitness with Fighting

Hand to hand combat feels like what VR was made for when it’s done right. Roomscale arenas, a virtual opponent programmed to be the aggressor, and your skills. Like hitting the bag, you will...

Mech League Boxing Game Review – Over The Top Robot Fighting

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out has come a long way... Mech League Boxing is a VR boxing game, where you can train, equip gear and take out all your aggression on massive robots in a tournament style...
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